Incident & Breach Response

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Every hour your site is down costs you money… from lost sales, to wasted advertising dollars, to fielding angry phone calls. When your business is on the line, waiting around just is not an option. At Cyber Defense Group, our goal is to fix your site or software and get your business back up and running as soon as possible while incorporating security measures to prevent future attacks.

We are experts Incident Response in Los Angeles (IR). We succeed in eradicating hackers with minimal damage to your company. Don’t entrust your future to amateurs that are not experienced in IR, hire the experts to respond when you are attacked, in order to protect your company and your data.

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Why Is It Very Important To Have An Incident Response Services In Place?

With the advancement in technology, along with expanding opportunities in cybersecurity and information technology, there is also a huge increase in security threats. So it is essential to make sure that you stay up to date in order to grow, develop and improve practices to mitigate cybersecurity risk. When a breach occurs most of the companies or organisations take a reactive approach, creating strategies of attack but unfortunately this may leave your systems vulnerable. If you want your organization to take a big part of standing fast against threats then it is important to take a proactive approach to security incidents. Because, no matter how hard you try even the best network in the world isn't immune to security threats and even with the best network and high application protections in place, your organisation will still struggle to mount cybersecurity threat defences.

If your organisation has something valuable to offer like personal financial records or healthcare information that deals with confidential data of hundreds of patients then one costly mistake can cost losing your target customers privacy and their trust to an all-time low. So, if you want to prevent your organisation from becoming the next target of a security breach and online hacking then it is important to develop and implement a quality incident response plan. Hiring security personnel who doesn’t have enough skills and knowledge to monitor and respond to incidents may result in major security issues. This is where Cyber Defense Group’s advanced Incident Response Services comes into play and our teams of professionals proactively identify potential security issues and effectively respond to them before they can cause any harm.

Cyber Defense Group (CDG) is the most reputable and trusted cybersecurity specialist and advisor to many leading organisations across the globe. We have years of experience in providing maximum defence using most advanced technology and exceptional knowledge against today’s advanced threats and we exceptionally deliver our hundreds of clients a holistic approach to cybersecurity. Our team of highly trained security experts have years of experience to investigate incidents and proactively respond to possible security threats. Cyber Defense Group's incident management and response services cover a wide range of advanced capabilities and you can ease the burden of having to manage and develop incident response in-house.



Immediate, thorough and complete.

We mobilize and launch a complete investigation of any suspected incident within 24 hours. Our team works with your IT staff and existing security system to identify the source, scope and severity of the breach.


Advanced and progressive.

We contain the breach as quickly as possible and support your recovery with better protection for the future. Our robust plans prevent recurrences from current attackers and invasions from new ones.

Qualified, certified and professional

Our forensics team has extensive experience helping companies recover from a variety of threats. We hold top certifications in security (CISSP, CISM, CISA) and forensics (CFE, CFCE, EnCE and GFCE).

Serving companies of all sizes from evolving attacks.

We handle minimal to extensive incidents originating from amateur to seasoned cyber criminals. Our solutions help emerging companies of varying sizes and at different stages of development.

Our Incident Response services include:

  • Determining the extent of a breach
  • Performing a full-scope response from Identification to Recovery
  • Incident Response retainer services, including IR preparation for your team

If you are a business that is interested in learning more about how we can help with a security incident, please call us or fill out the contact form provided. We look forward to quickly helping you recover.


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