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You've been breached! Now What?

If something is on fire, you don’t hesitate to call first responders. Why would a cybersecurity breach be any different? An organization’s digital environment is just as important as any physical location. With business increasingly being done online, digital threats are growing by the day. Cybercriminals exploit the vulnerabilities and security lapses lurking within cybersecurity infrastructure and practices. From software misconfigurations to poor employee cyber hygiene, entry points to a protected network are found and taken advantage of with little warning.

You Need a Emergency Incident Response Plan

It is an unfortunate fact that roughly 77 percent of businesses do not have an incident response plan to execute should a cyber breach happen. This only compounds the negative consequences attached to a successful security breach. By not having a formalized incident response plan, businesses are likely to experience more data compromise, increased reputation damage, and greater financial loss.

The quicker that an incident response action can take place, the higher likelihood of early breach detection, successful network containment, cyber threat eradication, and system recovery. While a proactive and preventative approach to cybersecurity is recommended, an emergency incident response plan needs to be established, reviewed, and practiced on a regular cadence. It is also critical for all organizational staff to be trained and educated on how to spot potential warning signs of a breach.

Often, the development of an incident response plan involves partnering with a cybersecurity service provider that can handle the diagnostic and technical work associated with resolving a security breach. A cybersecurity incident affects an entire organization — from the top down. It is critical knowing how and when to leverage different teams in order to successfully navigate such a potentially explosive business situation.

Cyber Defense Group has established a long track record helping effectively and efficiently address complex security breaches. Through our swift-action approach, we can regain control of an organization’s network environment, identify the reason for security breakdown, remove the foreign vector, and relaunch the network for use — fast.

A Smart Investment in Emergency Incident Response

A cybersecurity break-in can cause great harm to a business and its customers. In an event like this, it is important to take quick and precise action to mitigate the damage. Expert guidance is needed to understand the extent of the breach and how to move forward properly. Our emergency incident response team will guide you through the whole process to ensure everything is handled correctly.

With an increasing frequency of cyberattacks and the evolving strategies behind them: attacks on Internet of Things (IoT) devices, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, phishing, malware, ransomware, and other offensive actions — there is a greater incentive and return on investment (ROI) to establish a holistic incident response plan. An organization can ensure peace of mind if a successful breach were to take place, effective and immediate deployment would follow from an cyber security emergency response team.

The security professionals at Cyber Defense Group are well-versed in a variety of emergency security scenarios, giving confidence to businesses that they are in good hands.

However, our comprehensive care extends beyond our technical expertise. We are able to provide holistic business solutions for a wide range of organizational needs. Our team commonly aids in coordinating and reviewing legal and policy requirements relating to a variety of regulations and compliance requirements. Additionally, we make it a point to deliver supporting communications with your team and third-party vendors at a cadence that works for your business objectives and desired security outcomes. When hiring us for your cyber emergency response services, you’re receiving a new extension of your own team — not a detached and uninvolved group of IT professionals.

Protect the integrity of your organization and its security posture with retained incident response services — on demand for your around-the-clock needs.

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