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Providing end-to-end security expertise through the world's best security technology combined with trusted consulting experience and service excellence.

About Cyber Defense Group

Cyber Defense Group is a focused cybersecurity consultancy that partners with clients to deliver a holistic approach to risk and threat management. We are the trusted security advisor to several leading organizations across the globe. CDG has created the Outcomes-Based Security® methodology, which ties your security dollars to definitive outcomes.

Regardless of which point you’re entering the cybersecurity discussion, CDG engages with clients and provides them with the correct mix
of strategic insight, expert consultancy, specialized technical implementation, and ongoing managed services. Following this strategy, we create tailored information security strategies aligned to business objectives and regulatory requirements that affect the business.

We can continually assess the risks that affect an organization; recommend practical security controls; and provide high-quality education, maintenance, and support for each organization’s individual data protection requirements.

CDG partners with best-of-breed security vendors to provide the most effective security solutions available. We have specialist skills in our chosen partner’s technologies and proven deployment methodologies to ensure successful project completion.

Our Values



We genuinely care about our clients, are deeply concerned about the quality of our work, and we are fascinated with technology. Our passion guides us to think outside of the box and get things right.



This matters because of the balance we are talking about. Balance ensures creativity and dedication! Happy people = happy results. Balanced employees have work environments that are creative, resourceful, and nimble.



We park our egos at the door and, together, we accomplish our goals.



Our professional lives are driven by criminal activity, so integrity is top of mind for our clients and ourselves.

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