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Cybersecurity as a Service

Robust & Comprehensive Security Programs to Secure Your Business

Scale your business’s security as you grow

Companies in today’s economy face significant challenges in deploying comprehensive cybersecurity measures due to limited resources, lack of strategic perspective, and absence of in-house expertise. They struggle with staying compliant with evolving regulations, protecting valuable assets, and defending against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

  • Companies need a security solution that scales to meet their evolving business needs and secures all digital operations.
  • Companies need specialized security expertise and advanced protection without high in-house team costs, enabling efficient resource allocation and budget management.
Importance of CSaaS

Comprehensive cybersecurity protection

Elite consulting expertise and deliverables with boutique versatility.

Enhance security posture

Strategy and procedural recommendations to safeguarde your business’s digital operations against cyber attacks.

Cost-effective investment

Comprehensive security without the expense of an in-house team, helping businesses allocate resources more efficiently.

Ensure compliance

Expertly navigate security regulations to shield your business from legal penalties and uphold a trusted reputation.

How our security program works

Our approach is based on security outcomes to show ROI, driven by people and processes.


Initial assessment to understand your security posture.


Custom strategy development integrating cutting-edge solutions.


Continuous monitoring, management, and strategic updates.

Flexible pricing for every business need

Our Cybersecurity as a Service offering provides three distinct pricing tiers, ensuring a fit for every company size and requirement. Each tier is designed to provide scalable solutions, from essential cybersecurity defenses to comprehensive, high-touch security strategies.


Cybersecurity Foundations

Implement foundational security, reduce risk, and get continuous remediation.


Cybersecurity Prevention & Cloud Security

Automate and reduce cyber risk, get continuous remediation, and keep your business operational.


Cybersecurity Prevention & Cloud Security

Reduce cyber risk, get continuous remediation, and train employees to foster a cyber-aware organization.

Org. Risk Assessment w/roadmapYesYesYes
Compliance management1 Framework*2 Frameworks2+ Frameworks, including privacy
GRC platform managementT&MYesYes
Tabletop exercises1 / Year2 / Year4 / Year
Dedicated team lead & support teamNoYesYes
Security program client portalNoYesYes
Incident Response retainerNoReduced ratesSLA
Cloud infrastructure assessment1 Cloud platform2 Cloud platforms3+ Cloud platforms
Engineering/operational supportT&MYesYes
3rd party risk assessment T&M3 Hours / Month15-20 Hour/ Month
Annual penetration testT&M1 External infrastructure1 Internal & 1 external infrastructure or web app
4.7 Stars

What our clients are saying

They do a great job of presenting best security practices in an approachable way to all stakeholders.

Scott Sperling

Director of Engineering

The virtual CISO model brings us more benefit as a cloud-native company vs. hiring a full time CISO as we know we have the Cyber Defense Group team behind us, not just one individual.

Simon Lamprell

Director of Information & Security

Client Success Stories

Why Cyber Defense Group for CSaaS

Cyber Defense Group specializes in providing Virtual CISO (vCISO) services that are not just about managing cybersecurity but enhancing your business’s strategic positioning in your industry.

When you work with us it means partnering with a team that sees cybersecurity as a strategic asset, not just a necessity. This enables you to create a resilient and robust digital environment for your business to thrive. 


Bespoke security strategies

We offer bespoke solutions focused on strategic business alignment.


Proven expertise

Our niche expertise ensures your strategy is specific to your unique needs, ensuring informed, industry-specific defense strategies.


Cost-effective leadership

We provide cost-effective access to advanced cybersecurity leadership and technologies.

Benefits Achieved From Cybersecurity as a Service

Your success matters to us. This is why we measure the success of implementation and protection based on a few different metrics.

Fully integrated security team

Our team of experts function as an internal unit with external expertise, focusing on delivering agreed outcomes at a fixed cost for budget predictability.

Efficient resource allocation

Comprehensive security services at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house cybersecurity team, enabling businesses to allocate resources more efficiently.

Regulatory expertise

Expertise navigating complex security regulations and standards, helping your business avoid legal penalties and maintain a trusted reputation.