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Healthcare institutions are a desirable target for financially motivated threat actors due to their wide attack surfaces. To ensure the security of your organization’s PHI and other sensitive assets, Cyber Defense Group offers support ranging from data privacy to Secure systems development life cycle (SDLC) engineering support.


The average cost of a single breach is $3.27 million, which makes keeping your customer’s personal financial information (PII) secure essential to protecting your business.

To keep you safe, Cyber Defense Group helps retailers in creating a digitally secure environment through expert analysis, engineering, and advice.

Media & Entertainment

Being in the industry exposes you to cyber threats and cybercrimes like intellectual property (IP) and identity theft. You become a target for malicious criminals worldwide who take advantage of outdated or underperforming infrastructures in your organization.

To put your mind at ease, CDG have assembled a team of cybersecurity experts with a proven track record of delivering high-trust cybersecurity solutions for countless individuals and organizations within the entertainment industry


The ever-changing, complex compliance regulations are more severe for financial institutions than for other industries, and third-party security compliance when dealing with larger institutions can quickly get overwhelming.
CDG offers comprehensive security risk & compliance assessments as well as world-class security programs to keep your customers’ precious data and trust intact, as well as provide the confidence external parties need to do business with you.

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