Helping the World's Most Innovative Companies Stay Secure

Cyber Defense Group specializes in cloud security and cyber security services, enabling agile businesses to operate at speed. We protect our clients from cyber criminals, and we create robust security programs which can withstand current and future threats.

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Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks!

Cyber Defense Group is a leader in cyber security services. We help businesses understand threats and secure their people, process and technology.

IT Security Consulting Services from CDG

Fraud Prevention is the biggest challenges to any business today. Information Security play an important role to enhance the Fraud Prevention mechanisms in any business and Cyber Defense Group is one such information security consultant helping the world's most innovative companies stay secure.

An information security consultant can be a giant asset to any business that is all set to use these skills cleverly. He or she will be able to make the organisation alert to any unsuspected issues that might source real problems if not fixed on time. Even if no key issues are found, still it is good to opt in for IT Security Consulting that can be of great benefit for assessing the organisation's current security posture.

Security consultants are expertise that help prevents a breach by hackers. If you aren’t completely certain about your business information security management talk to CDG (Cyber Defense Group). They have a team of professional Cyber Security Risk Management consultants that offer best solutions and deliver incessant security guarantee for x authorities, and tough structure.

Cyber Defense Group not only protects emerging businesses in financial services, healthcare, technology but also serve government offices and contractors who must act in accordance with federal cyber security specifications.

Whether it is assessing cyber security risk, investigating vulnerabilities or engineering a hardened IT security setting, CDG provides the secure cloud solutions and managed security solutions you need for information security. They also help businesses understand details of threats and secure people and technology from future emerging threats and risks.

Cyber Defense Group is one of the leading cyber security consulting service providers offering optimum defense solutions using outstanding concept against today's advanced cyber threats. They offer managed security services and solutions that include virtual ciso services that are built to bring a secure track for your business.

They are the dependable security advisor to numerous leading organisations, working with their clientele to deliver a holistic approach to cyber security. To obtain additional information about Cloud Security Solutions offered by CDG.


World-Class Strategic Advisory

CDG’s team has global experience preparing companies for today’s threats. Our Strategic Advisory services enable companies to engage an experienced CISO-level resource supported by a full security team. CDG’s team augments or even becomes your security department and engages with your internal teams to increase security maturity throughout the organization.

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Cloud Security/DevSecOps
  • Risk/Security Assessments
  • Privacy

Why CDG?

  • We provide certainty in an uncertain world
  • We understand that your core business comes first
  • We are passionate about cybersecurity
  • We thrive at solving challenging problems

Our vision is a world where cyber defense is efficient, effective and effortless. Our primary mission is to help businesses secure their data and conduct their business with certainty. We believe cybersecurity is not a cost-center to the business, but actually a revenue-generator.


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