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Cloud Security

Every business will be the target of a cloud security attack at some point in its lifespan — and more realistically, on an occasional basis. While the cloud offers tremendous upside and potential benefits, enterprises often neglect the security side of these responsive environments. Planning, implementing, and monitoring a cloud security program is a mandatory investment for organizations of all sizes. Discover how to properly address your business’ unique cloud security needs within an evolving digital environment.

Incident Response

Successful data breaches leave unprepared businesses scrambling to figure out how to regain control of their network and eradicate the threat. On average it takes over 200 days for a breach to be detected by an organization — that is time that is being used to extract significant amounts of sensitive data. An incident response plan is a critical piece to any organization’s security program — regardless of industry or size. See how a comprehensive incident response plan can stabilize and help limit harm to your business in the event of an attack.


Online regulations and laws are constantly in flux, making it difficult for organizations to remain on the cutting edge of cybersecurity compliance. As a crucial part of any security program, compliance is the pillar that ensures all security measures, practices, and behaviors meet or exceed set standards. When cybersecurity compliance is monitored and met, enterprises are less likely to experience breaches and regulatory burdens. Explore how you can navigate the changing complexities associated with cybersecurity compliance. 

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Results Oriented

You have business goals in mind. Advanced cybersecurity investment is a necessary avenue for achieving these outcomes in a modern digital era. From achieving streamlined workflows to preventing common phishing attacks, the right cybersecurity strategy can get you from point A to point B — helping you meet specific internal metrics and unlocking an enhanced degree of overall efficiency.

Initiative Driven

When you look to partner with a cybersecurity provider, you want to feel confident in their ability to solve complex problems, provide comprehensive preventative plans, and be a vehicle toward new success. The right cybersecurity team will deliver a holistic, custom approach for you and your unique organizational needs that accounts for items such as cybersecurity compliance, emergency incident response, and an overarching cloud security game plan.

Relationships Focused

Business is done through forming and nurturing relationships — and this is the same story when it comes to cybersecurity success. As a modern enterprise, your cybersecurity should sit on a firm foundation with your provider. You want to ensure that your provider is focused on delivering a personal experience, individual attention, and dedicated support throughout the entire lifecycle of your partnership.

Our Clients

Since our first encounter with CDG, we could tell that they were good people. They have set a standard for open and honest communication so we can rest assured that the entire team is constantly working to fully secure our company without overselling on unnecessary services.

Jack Fisher

President – FilmRise

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The Virtual CISO model brings us more benefit as a cloud native company vs. hiring a full time CISO as we know we have the CDG team behind us not just one individual. It is apparent that CDG really wants to succeed, not just collect a paycheck.

Simon Lamprell,

Director of Information & Security – Shift

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CDG was initially referred to us to handle an incident that had occurred. After working with them on multiple security events, we were consistently impressed with their expertise and decided that we wanted their help to continue improving our security program and prevent future events.


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Cybersecurity Consulting Services

In a time when budget concerns are a top priority for enterprises, cybersecurity spending remains the best investment to make in 2022. With a proliferation of cybercrimes happening, it is not a question of if a business will be attacked — but when? In 2021, the average cost of a data breach was $4.24 million — the highest in over 17 years. 

Today, cybersecurity is no longer just a CISO or IT department concern. Instead, it is a top-down issue that affects every company stakeholder and employee. Successful cybersecurity requires buy-in from every level within an organization. From cloud security to compliance to incident response and every aspect of digital security in between, businesses need to make the financial and operational commitment to remain secure in today’s environment. 

A cybersecurity attack happens every 39 seconds. If a breach does occur, it can lead to a long list of issues such as financial loss, legal complications, reputation damage, and even business closure. Today’s consumers are savvier than ever and are looking to buy from enterprises they can totally trust — which includes knowing that the organization has the proper security measures and training in place to protect sensitive data. 

Investment in cybersecurity is how businesses increase cost savings, improve productivity, strengthen digital posture, and remain competitive in an intensifying market. The ROI of cybersecurity advancement doesn’t need to be calculated because the cost of failing to do so is too high-risk.  

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