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Incident response services

Swift and strategic management of cybersecurity incidents

Tackle breaches with confidence

At Cyber Defense Group, our Incident Response team provides threat visibility, swift containment, and thorough remediation to minimize downtime and ensure compliance. Our incident response service offer tailored solutions and protection from cyber attacks. With an incident response retainer to emergency IR services, you’ll benefit from robust protection from cyber attacks.

Immediate threat detection
Comprehensive remediation

Customizable Incident Response

At Cyber Defense Group, our Incident Response team provides threat visibility, swift containment, and thorough remediation to minimize downtime and ensure compliance. With an incident response retainer to emergency IR services, you’ll benefit from tailored solutions and protection from cyber attacks.

Emergency incident response

Receive rapid emergency incident response to swiftly address and eliminate threats. Benefit from expert guidance in dealing with cybersecurity incidents, backed by comprehensive intelligence and detailed after-action reporting.

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csaas for enterprise businesses

Incident response retainer

A proactive incident response retainer cover incident plan development, management testing/validation, playbook creation, and post mortems. Security professionals, services, and tools to respond within hours of an incident.

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Managed detection and response (MDR)

A comprehensive managed detection and response service based on agents. Benefit from continuous 12×5 monitoring of all systems with the agent, enabling swift responses to threats or unusual activities.

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Tabletop exercises

Practice custom-designed scenarios that allow different levels of the organization to better learn the variables of their role during an incident, ensuring the plan and playbooks are clearly understood and effective. Prep your team to avoid the danger of human error.

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Threat hunting

Meticulous examination of an organization’s network and systems identify any potential signs of compromise. This proactive approach is driven by hypotheses and supported by the latest threat intelligence enabling you to stay one step ahead in safeguarding your networks and mitigating potential risks.

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Our six-phase approach to incident response

Incident response services must be comprehensive, covering everything from crafting a tailored incident response plan to managing emergency breaches, based on NIST guidelines.

There are 6 phases critical to not only addressing the immediate crisis but also strengthening your organization’s long-term cybersecurity posture.

What is Incident Response?


Success begins with readiness. We help you define team roles, conduct simulations, prioritize training, and ensure your toolkit is fully funded and ready.



At the first sign of an incident, our team diligently investigates to find the cause, identify the entry point, and evaluate the data breach extent.



Quick and decisive action is taken as part of the process to isolate the security incident, preventing further spread and to minimize damage to your network and systems.



After containing the threat, we remove the malware or virus, patch and update systems to enhance future defense. It’s vital to mitigate security incidents for minimal business disruption.



The focus is getting your business back to normal operations as swiftly as possible after an incident, including system recovery and ensuring the integrity of your workflows.


Lessons learned

Thorough incident analysis to gain insights, pinpoint weaknesses, and refine strategies for better future defense. Threat intelligence helps enhance security operations and mitigate risks.

Why Cyber Defense Group?

When it comes to handling advanced threats and compliance challenges, Cyber Defense Group provides robust incident response capabilities enabling us to tackle and reduce the risk posed by breaches, ensuring swift business operations resumption.

Immediate response and recovery

Rapidly detect and identify cyber incidents with effective mitigation strategies for swift containment and response.

Girl presenting a cybersecurity risk assessment on a laptop screen, highlighting key points and analysis.


Take action to contain the security breach and eliminate threats across the enterprise, ensures all affected systems are addressed.

Regulatory compliance and operational continuity

Ensure incident response and recovery efforts are compliant, avoid legal penalties when managing and mitigating cyber security incidents.

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They do a great job of presenting best security practices in an approachable way to all stakeholders.

Scott Sperling

Director of Engineering

The virtual CISO model brings us more benefit as a cloud-native company vs. hiring a full time CISO as we know we have the Cyber Defense Group team behind us, not just one individual.

Simon Lamprell

Director of Information & Security

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