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Virtual CISO

vCISO Strategic Consulting With Operational Support

Virtual CISO – Your strategic cybersecurity partner

In today’s digital landscape, mid-market companies face growing cybersecurity challenges. Cyber Defense Group’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) service, a cybersecurity program designed to address cloud complexities, fill in-house expertise gaps, handle advancing threats, and guarantee compliance. We are your dedicated cybersecurity professional expert.

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Virtual CISO services for mid-market companies.

Built for your unique needs

Mid-market companies often struggle with cybersecurity due to limited resources and the absence of a full-time CISO. Our virtual CISO services address these key pain points, offering cost-effective, expert solutions.

Limited resources /skills shortage

Access specialized cybersecurity skills without hiring full-time.

Risk & compliance management

Stay compliant with ever-changing regulations.


Optimize your security spend efficiently.

Support business revenue goals

Minimize downtime, enhance trust, and reduce financial losses.

benefits of virtual ciso services

Benefits of our virtual CISO services

Our Virtual CISO security consultants seamlessly integrate with your teams, providing the expertise needed to fortify security posture, ensure compliance, and proactively manage cyber risk.

By taking a proactive approach to security, we ensure that potential threats are mitigated before they become issues.

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Strategic cybersecurity planning aligned with your business goals

Enhanced risk management and compliance posture

Cost-effective access to top-tier cybersecurity expertise

Business outcomes you can trust

Embrace a future where your security program enables rapid innovation. With Cyber Defense Group’s vCISO services, your business will achieve:

ROI through enhanced cybersecurity resilience
Peace of mind with comprehensive compliance and risk management
Strategic advantage through cybersecurity excellence

How our services work

Our virtual CISO services begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current cybersecurity stance, followed by the development of a customized security strategy. Our methodical approach guarantees an impactful and streamlined strategy that harnesses NIST cybersecurity framework and aligns with various security regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and FINRA.

This hands-on approach ensures that your cybersecurity measures are not just reactive but proactively aligned with your business’s growth and innovation goals.

Flexible pricing for every business need

Our Virtual CISO services provide three pricing tiers for your security program, ensuring the right fit for every company size and requirement. All tiers are customizable.


Cybersecurity Foundations

Implement foundational security, reduce risk, and get continuous remediation.


Cybersecurity Prevention & Cloud Security

Automate and reduce risk, get continuous remediation, and keep your business operational.


Cybersecurity Prevention & Cloud Security

Reduce risk, get continuous remediation, and train employees to foster a cyber-aware organization.

Org. Risk Assessment w/roadmap YesYesYes
Compliance management1 Framework*2 Frameworks2+ Frameworks, inc privacy
GRC platform managementT&MYesYes
Tabletop exercises1 / Year2 / Year4 / Year
Dedicated team lead & support teamNoYesYes
Security program client portal NoYesYes
Incident Response retainer NoYesYes
Cloud infrastructure assessment1 Cloud platform2 Cloud platforms3+ Cloud platforms
Engineering/operational supportT&MYesYes
3rd party risk assessment T&M3 Hours, monthly15-20 Hours, monthly
Annual penetration testT&M1 External infrastructure1 Internal + 1 external infrastructure or web app

EditShare leverages the vCISO services provided by Cyber Defense Group

EdiShare revolutionizes video production for creators worldwide, with global reach and 24/7 support.

EditShare partnered with Cyber Defense as their trusted security services provider for a dedicated CISO to fortify defenses against potential threats. The surge in cyber attacks targeting the media sector underscored the urgency for EditShare to implement a robust security strategy to mitigate risks effectively.

Read the EditShare Case Study
editshare case study

Why Choose Cyber Defense Group for vCISO services?

Strategic security leadership tailored to fortify your security posture. Cyber Defense Group specializes in providing vCISO services that are not just about managing cybersecurity but enhancing your business’s strategic positioning in your industry.

Choosing Cyber Defense Group means partnering with a team that sees cybersecurity as a strategic asset, not just a necessity, creating a resilient and robust digital environment for your business to thrive.

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Bespoke security programs

Get custom vCISO support that aligns with your business objectives, ensuring that cybersecurity measures boost your growth and innovation.


Proven expertise

Benefit from our team of experts in retail, tech, healthcare, fintech, and beyond. We offer in-depth insights into industry challenges and compliance needs.


Cost-effective leadership

Access senior executive management and insights without the costs of a full-time executive. Maximize your cybersecurity investment efficiently.


Agile and proactive approach

Stay ahead of the curve. Our team adapts to new threats and technologies, ensuring your defenses are at the cutting edge.