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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Fortify against advanced threats, ensure compliance

Navigate the cybersecurity maze

Our tailored risk assessments can fortify your defenses, ensure compliance, and protect your organization against the evolving threats of the digital age.

Pinpoint vulnerabilities

Dive deep with our experts to understand your cyber risk. We’ll spotlight the essential improvements needed to elevate your cybersecurity from good to great, guiding you towards establishing a premier defense setup.

Girl presenting a cybersecurity risk assessment on a laptop screen, highlighting key points and analysis.

Ensure compliance

Build the foundation of your cybersecurity framework. This includes drafting policies, creating strategic plans, and staffing models to strengthen your defenses and prepare your business for any digital challenge.

Mitigation strategy

Discover and prioritize the cybersecurity risks that matter most to your business. Our strategic planning will outline a clear path for your security efforts, whether focusing on the short or long term. This allows you to concentrate on driving your business forward.

The benefits of a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Enhanced security posture

Identify vulnerabilities and strengthen weak points, significantly improve overall security.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Avoid costly fines and legal issues, gain peace of mind and reputational security.

Effective risk management

Clear, actionable recommendations help address vulnerabilities promptly to help reduce cyber risk.

Risk Assessment methodology

Recommendations and actionable insights to enhance security by identifying vulnerabilities. Discover the five steps to a comprehensive risk assessment.


Review of existing policies, procedures, and programs in place.


Evaluation of the attack surface, network infrastructure, cloud environment, and OSINT.


1:1 Interviews with key team members across your organization.


An executive summary and a detailed report with remediation suggestions.


Development of remediation priorities and high level schedule from a security, IT, and business standpoint.

Unleash the power of tailored Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services

Cyber Defense Group comprehends the nuances of cybersecurity requirements and how to keep up with evolving rules and regulations. Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessments allow you to evaluate the existing security controls, pinpoint risks and gaps, and devise a comprehensive plan for risk reduction.

ROI of a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Regulatory compliance and reporting

In-depth analysis and reporting, including an Assessment Report with Gap against CIS-18 and OSINT, to navigate and meet critical compliance standards efficiently, thereby minimizing legal risks and fostering trust with your clients.


Targeted threat identification and analysis

Precise identification of threats tailored to your specific industry and operational framework, assessing their potential impact on your business to strategically prioritize remediation efforts.


Comprehensive threat analysis

Utilization of cutting-edge scanning technologies and methodologies to thoroughly examine vulnerabilities within your network, applications, and systems, offering actionable recommendations to fortify your cybersecurity defenses.


Strategic risk evaluation and security roadmap

Expert evaluation of identified risks, taking into account their likelihood and potential business impact, leading to the development of a detailed, prioritized risk mitigation list. This is complemented by a high-level security roadmap that outlines a series of prioritized initiatives and recommendations, designed to align with both compliance obligations and business goals, ensuring a resilient cybersecurity defense tailored to your organization’s needs.

Choose your assessment type

A robust cybersecurity plan must be tailored to your company’s needs. That’s why we provide assessments and specialized capabilities to address your security requirements. Whether it’s a security impact analysis or application penetration test, our experts will take care of it. By reviewing your environment for vulnerabilities, we empower your team to effectively prioritize and optimize security efforts.

Cloud security assessment

Safeguard your cloud environment by identifying and mitigating risks in your cloud infrastructure, management practices, and compliance efforts. Ensure your digital transformation initiatives remain secure and effective.

Third Party Risk Assessment

Third party risk assessments assesses all security aspects involved in outsourcing to third parties, encompassing risk criteria establishment and third party partner and vendor onboarding and screening.

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Compliance readiness assessment

Navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements with confidence. Our experts help you align your security infrastructure and practices with standards like CCPA, GDPR, ISO27001, SOC2, HIPAA, and PCI.

Ransomware readiness assessment

Evaluate and enhance your preparedness for ransomware attacks. Our assessment tests your defenses, ensuring you can effectively respond to and recover from ransomware incidents.

Penetration testing

Proactively uncover and address vulnerabilities with our comprehensive penetration testing, conducted by our team of ethical hackers. Stay ahead of potential threats by identifying and mitigating security weaknesses.

Risk assessment

Identify and evaluate the risks to your organization’s operations, assets, and networks. Our risk assessment lays the groundwork for developing a robust security strategy tailored to your needs.

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Cybersecurity insurance readiness

Prepare your business for cyber insurance by identifying vulnerabilities and implementing security measures. Meet insurance requirements, reduce premiums, and fortify against threats.

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Why Cyber Defense Group?

Cyber Defense Group excels when it comes to understanding the cybersecurity challenges posed by advanced threats, resource limitations, and compliance demands. Our strategy combines cutting-edge technology, and customized service to provide efficient, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.

Enhance security posture

By identifying specific vulnerabilities, organizations can target and strengthen weak points, significantly improving overall security.

Reduce legal risks

Ensure compliance with cybersecurity regulations to avoid costly fines and legal issues, providing peace of mind and protecting the organization’s reputation.

Effective risk management

Clear, actionable recommendations allow efficient allocation of resources, ensuring that critical vulnerabilities are addressed promptly to prevent potential breaches.

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They do a great job of presenting best security practices in an approachable way to all stakeholders.

Scott Sperling

Director of Engineering

The virtual CISO model brings us more benefit as a cloud-native company vs. hiring a full time CISO as we know we have the Cyber Defense Group team behind us, not just one individual.

Simon Lamprell

Director of Information & Security

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