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As a cybersecurity services leader, our mission is to protect mid-market companies with advanced cybersecurity services. In the ever-increasing cyber threat landscape, we provide a comprehensive pre-built cybersecurity solution for your peace of mind and business continuity. We are your trusted partner when it comes to holistic and cost-effective solutions, helping you gain a competitive edge.

Third party risk assessment

Cloud security

Cyber insurance requirements

Incident response

Recent cyber incident

Skills shortage and cyber awareness

Regulatory compliance and privacy

DevSecOps security

Delivering meaningful results to our customers

Client revenue protected$10.2bn

Compliances audits passed100+

Companies actively protected107+

Records leaked0

Cyber Defense Group services

In an era of increasing cyber threats and regulatory demands, safeguarding your business can be complex and time-consuming. This is where Cyber Defense Group steps in and allows you to plug into an entire pre-built cybersecurity function, simplifying and fortifying your cybersecurity with our three pillars of services.

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

    Identify vulnerabilities and risks in your organization’s systems or data security. Take steps for remediation, including recommendations for risk mitigation. Strengthen defenses and enhance overall cybersecurity posture through proactive detection and mitigation of security gaps.

  • Cybersecurity-as-a-Service

    Protect your most sensitive data with our managed cybersecurity services. We provide essential tools and processes to ensure security against cyberattacks. Harness the expertise and resources of our dedicated professionals from diverse industries, at a cost lower than hiring a full-time employee.

  • Incident Response ​

    Respond promptly to cybersecurity incidents with rapid response and recovery, detecting, assessing, and containing threats. Mitigate damages, protect data, and strengthen overall security through technical measures, compliance, communication strategies, and post-incident analysis.

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