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The CDG team is comprised of accomplished security professionals with extensive knowledge and experience across various domains of cybersecurity. With a constant finger on the pulse of emerging security trends, technologies, issues, and industry developments, our seasoned experts help mid-market companies protect their business as it grows.

lou rabon headshot

Lou Rabon


CDG founder and CEO, Lou Rabon, developed a fascination with cybersecurity at a very young age—a passion that led him to a highly successful career in IT. Over the course of his career, he has worked for and with some of the largest organizations in the world and has led several incident response engagements against nation-state attackers. In 2016, he established CDG to address a market need to help rapidly growing businesses adopt a comprehensive strategy for risk and threat management. With extensive global expertise in security, privacy, project management, and consulting, Lou has an implicit understanding of the critical role data protection and cybersecurity play in powering business revenue and supporting an agile, forward-thinking approach that creates a competitive advantage. His vast experience across a diverse range of environments and industries has given him a deep appreciation for the business processes that are essential in complex, fast-moving environments — and his ability to facilitate cybersecurity across business units is unparalleled.

karen sung cmo

Karen Sung

Chief Marketing Officer

Karen Sung serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Cyber Defense Group, bringing to the table over a decade of experience in high-tech and cybersecurity. Known for her innovative and cutting-edge marketing strategies, Karen has consistently demonstrated her knack for driving growth and exploring untapped markets. Her unique perspective, influenced by extensive industry knowledge and hands-on experience, has been instrumental in defining the marketing narrative at Cyber Defense Group. Beyond her professional life, Karen is an avid traveler, never missing an opportunity to explore new places with her loyal companion, Coco, her pup, by her side.


J.J. Powell

VP of Services

J.J. Powell is a dynamic cybersecurity expert who excels at bridging the gap between technical professionals and executive leadership. With more than 17 years of experience in information technology and security, J.J. has established himself as a thought leader in the industry. Notably, he designed and implemented the information security program at the largest telemedicine provider in the U.S. and crafted comprehensive cybersecurity initiatives that encompassed incident response, security architecture, penetration testing, DevSecOps, and vulnerability management. J.J. has a proven track record of building Security Operation Centers (SOC) and deploying leading-edge information security toolsets. With his entrepreneurial mindset and extensive expertise, he is well-equipped to help organizations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Philip Gavlan

Philip Gavlan

Director, Security Engineering

Philip Galvan is a leading expert in emerging technologies, encompassing virtualization and hybrid clouds as well as AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Azure, and the IBM Cloud. As a seasoned engineer, he helps businesses maintain their competitive edge by devising tailor-made solutions specifically designed to address their distinct needs. With vast experience in Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, and Silicon Beach, Philip has worked closely with a wide range of firms, including Uber, AppNexus, The Weather Channel, Wag!, Eventbrite, and IBM. Over the course of his career, he has contributed to post-sales support, sales engineering, and development, consistently driving increased sales while reducing expenses. He has led Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and security teams, leveraging bleeding-edge technologies, DevOps methodologies, and automated compliance and auditing to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. With a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and their potential applications, Philip has amassed a reputation for helping businesses stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.


Caroline Connolly

Director of Cybersecurity Programs

Caroline Connolly is a highly accomplished cybersecurity professional with a diverse range of interests and experience. She began her career in application security, performing penetration tests, vendor risk assessments, and red teaming exercises. As her interests evolved, she transitioned to the consulting space, where she currently serves as a technical program manager, providing advice and support to organizations throughout their entire security journey. Today, Caroline is passionate about helping clients identify gaps in their security practices and moving them toward a more mature security posture through strategic guidance, tool selection, and documentation. Caroline’s passion for cybersecurity extends beyond her professional pursuits, reflecting a personal dedication to creating a safer digital environment for all. She is deeply committed to using her expertise to protect the most vulnerable members of society from falling victim to security scams.

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