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What is a vCISO?

In today’s highly digitalized world, cybersecurity has become a major concern for organizations of all sizes. Cyberattacks have the potential to inflict significant harm upon organizations. A breach can lead not only to the loss of sensitive data but can also spell huge potential business catastrophes. According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach latest report, “The United States had the highest average total cost of a data breach at USD 9.48 million in 2023, followed by the Middle East at USD 8.07 million. This is why businesses are increasingly looking for ways to enhance their security posture and stay protected from cyber threats. One way to do this is by hiring a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). However, having an in-house CISO can be both expensive and challenging for many organizations. This is where a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) comes in.

Let’s explore what a vCISO is, their role, and the benefits they bring.

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is an outsourced security professional or team that executes the role of a Chief Information Security Officer. vCISOs are largely responsible for developing and using security rules and managing an organization’s security program.

In today’s digital world, businesses cannot afford to fly blind when it comes to securing their digital environments. At the same time, most companies must remain financially conscious of how their budgets are allocated. This has led to the rise of vCISO as a service becoming a staple of modern security programs. Managed security services, experienced cybersecurity professionals such as a virtual CISO, presents several monetary and operational benefits to enterprises of all scales. Having an identified security leader within an organization helps bring stability, execution, and awareness to a company’s cybersecurity program.

Here at Cyber Defense Group, we provide a diverse team of experienced security professionals to fill the role of an in-house CISO. Through our security leadership, we are able to craft security policies and architecture for businesses that best position them for an evolving digital environment. With enterprise security tools at our disposal, we help achieve measurable and tangible metrics that showcase security progress for your organization. Our vCISO approach is simple and transparent: deliver high-value cybersecurity strategies unique to your business’s needs – helping guide you into a safer, more resilient security posture.

vCISO Service Specifics

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It’s important to find a vCISO provider that will supply holistic risk management services, as they will be acting as your Chief Information Security Officer.

vCISO services are not meant to be a shortcut or “economic option” to cybersecurity. Instead, they serve as a full-time security leader, identifying network weaknesses, doubling down on infrastructure strengths, presenting custom strategies, and developing cost effective solutions.

Cyber Defense Group’s vCISO services provide clients with comprehensive security consultation and leadership. We understand the complexity business risk and ambiguity that often surrounds cybersecurity, leaving businesses unsure of what should and shouldn’t be done. That’s why we work to provide a full-service line of managed security services to businesses searching for a dependable virtual CISO team.

The value of a vCISO

When outsourcing work, a business wants to ensure its dollars are yielding a positive return – especially when dealing with an internal component as sensitive and critical as cybersecurity. Some company owners and C-suite executives may have doubts as to how productive hiring a vCISO can be compared to an in-house CISO. That’s a fair question.

However, more businesses are witnessing security, operational, social engineering and financial value that can be directly attributed to the vCISO position. With a full-stack team of top-tier security experts collaborating into one company role, businesses are experiencing an improved degree of security posture. A virtual CISO is able to carry out a wide range of business objectives relating to security needs, such as risk assessment and improved security architecture construction. This is all done while holding deep knowledge of threat intelligence and security awareness in an effort to customize the most effective security strategy for each individual organization.

What is vCISO as a service?

A vCISO is an outsourced security professional or team that executes the role of a Chief Information Security Officer. vCISOs are largely responsible for developing and managing an organization’s security program. This role often works hand-in-hand with a company’s already existing security team to carry out necessary functions and duties to ensure the integrity of an organization’s information security program their digital environment.

vCISO services are more than just a temporary solution or fill-in. From small businesses to enterprise-level companies, more organizations are ditching the CISO position altogether and opting to operate with a virtual CISO instead. As a growing preference for companies across all industries and sizes, vCISOs are demonstrating an alternative way to handle modern and potential security risks.

What a vCISO provides

With a vCISO carrying out the position of an in-house CISO, the services provided must be wide in range and deep in value. When a company onboards a vCISO, they are hiring a team of security experts that are capable of driving effective strategy, rooting out potential threats, doing security awareness training and building a culture of proper cybersecurity hygiene.

Specifically, some of the services and tasks vCISO services solve include:

  • Evaluates an organization’s ability to detect, eradicate and prevent cyber threats
  • Leads the creation and implementation of security programs and initiatives that incorporate regulatory compliance standards
  • Prepares an organization and IT team for external audits
  • Delivers detailed guidance for cybersecurity and risk assessments
  • Assesses and improves internal security-related policies and SOPs
  • Vets third-party vendors for cybersecurity risk
  • Provides security training for an organization’s staff
  • Delivers hands-on technical expertise in the event of a cyberattack or breach

vCISO vs. CISO – What's the difference?

he increased investment in vCISOs is a result of the tremendous upside the service provides, but also due to chronic problems that persist with the internal CISO role. In recent times, Chief Information Security Officers have been a difficult C-suite position to fill, retain, and depend upon. The market has proven to have a low supply of qualified CISOs compared to the demand level. This dynamic has made it difficult for enterprises to hire talented information security programs and leaders and retain them over the course of time – leading to increasing costs to hold the position internally.

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CISOs are full-time, in-house employees that are responsible for heading up an organization’s cybersecurity program. These single individuals are fully responsible for ensuring the integrity and overall security posture of a company’s digital environment while managing and delegating to supporting IT team specialists. A CISO often holds extensive industry experience, along with several certifications.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISOs) on the other hand, are contract-based employees often made up of a team of other data security experts. Organizations are able to hire vCISOs at a variety of price points, and select services that match their unique business needs.

Due to the flexibility and adaptability of virtual CISO consulting services, businesses are able to scale their needs in real-time or terminate work if they are no longer in need of security consulting.

The decision as to whether a CISO or what is a vCISO, best serves your business goals and security requirements is unique to every organization. Determining what role a business needs a Chief Information Security Officer to play is critical in being able to analyze which solution is best. Vetting both vCISOs and CISOs will help deliver clarity on what type of expert cybersecurity service an organization needs in the short and long-term.

Shift Case Study

With vCISO services, swiftly establish a robust security program. SHIFT, a visionary video collaboration and media management company, has revolutionized the realm of video production for creators spanning from Hollywood to Madison Avenue. Operating in over 30 countries, SHIFT maintains an unrivaled global presence, delivering unparalleled customer support around the clock. With offices in Los Angeles and Boston, they remain intimately connected to creators, ensuring their needs are met at every step. READ SHIFT CASE STUDY>>


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