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February 6, 2023

Why CDG?

A Boutique Team of Humans

In 2016, frustrated with the outdated, template-driven approach to cybersecurity, I was inspired to create a different kind of cybersecurity consultancy.

I wanted to bring together a team of innovative engineers and hackers, giving them the freedom to think outside of the usual parameters to offer true value ― impactful solutions to organizations ― i.e.: outcomes.

With over two decades of experience in the IT and cybersecurity space, I was used to sitting on both sides of the contract table.

I saw first-hand that much of the advice given by consultants did not provide actionable insights on how to address cybersecurity gaps. I also saw the frustration on the internal stakeholders’ side as every engagement turned into a negotiation of how to spend more.

At the same time, most cybersecurity solutions entering the market were ― and are ― designed for enterprise-level organizations. Leaving the how, what, and why of cybersecurity for companies outside of the top enterprises more or less disregarded.

Cyber Defense Group (CDG) was born as a solution to these pain points. At CDG, we aim to provide expertise and support to business-to-business (B2B) middle-market organizations, without the higher overhead cost and the constant back-and-forth negotiation on the scope of work.

By delivering measurable Outcomes-Based Security® programs, our objective is to teach organizations “to fish” for a lifetime instead of responding to gaps and incidents every time they arise ― an endless game of Whac-A-Mole that never ends well and only burns out and frustrates IT teams and executives.

Our team has decades of experience, ranging from startups to large enterprises. This expertise is available with any of our service offerings and leads to the most important part of any engagement: results.

You’ll always get a team of humans, not a bot, software program, app, or generic chat bubble to talk to. You won’t be put into a template or algorithm. You will talk to experts with global experience who will create a bespoke solution to your unique cybersecurity needs.

Outcomes-Based Security®

Outcomes-Based Security® is a new way to approach consulting engagements. No longer will you wonder,

“What is the state of our cybersecurity program?”

With CDG’s Outcomes-Based Security® approach, you have a clear way to determine and track progress with your cybersecurity program.

Each engagement starts with a Security Assessment to determine your actual posture.

From there, a roadmap is developed to address any findings actively and help increase your organization’s security posture and reduce your attack surface.
These findings are compared against regulatory and security frameworks that prioritize security over compliance, such as CIS18 and specific frameworks that may apply to your industry or location.

We embed with your internal team to increase your visibility as well as plan and execute the operational security that is necessary to defend against modern threats, providing executive-level dashboards and reports to ensure the entire organization is informed and aligned with the security strategy.

Our Whole Team of Cybersecurity Experts Works for You

You need a team, not an individual, as can be the case with so many other cybersecurity consultants.

Many virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) engagements provide one person who is split across too many clients to effectively provide the guidance your organization needs.

We provide a world-class, dedicated team that will be able to truly move your cybersecurity program forward. Access to this core team is part of the fixed, monthly rate: meaning there are no surprises in costs over the lifetime of our partnership. If you need further team augmentation or technical support on specific items, our team can support those efforts on a case-by-case basis as well.

I have personally hand-picked and vetted our personable boutique team of cybersecurity experts, who are tops in their fields and who have demonstrated teamwork, personality and personability, passion and kindness.

CDG is a league of experts who have a high quality of work/life balance so that they show up 100% for each other and our clients.

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