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Why CDG?

Our goal is helping you win the cybersecurity battle so you can concentrate on what’s important: your business.
We are client- and outcomes-focused to ensure that you have peace of mind and can innovate without friction, within your budget.

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Frustrated with the outdated, template-driven approach to cybersecurity

Are you sick and tired of obsolete or one-size-fits all security solutions being offered as a security program?
Well, so was I. I am Lou Rabon, the founder of CDG. In my 25+ years in the IT and cybersecurity industry, I have felt frustrated on multiple occasions with the typical cyber security consulting model. There needed to be more cyber security solutions for agile, appsec-focused B2B organizations with an outcomes-based approach. Traditional engagements were Time & Materials-based, incentivizing bad behavior such as overbilling hours and underperforming.

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You are our inspiration!

I founded CDG in 2016 with YOU as my inspiration. I assembled a group of skilled, trained, and dedicated cyber practitioners to provide startups and mid-sized businesses with the cyber security infrastructure that enterprise-level organizations possess. Oh! And did I mention we reduce your overhead costs substantially on security? We don’t haggle over hours; instead, we provide actionable insights on improving and implementing your security program with Outcome-Based Security® Programs (OBSP).

What is

I created CDG to find solutions to your pain points. At CDG, we will not ask you to spend unnecessarily. We will not endlessly negotiate with you on the scope of work. We will not interact with you like robots. Instead, we will work with you as part of your internal team, improving your security posture with the least amount of stress possible. We will involve you and train you in self-sustainable activities which can keep your business operating. We will customize our strategies and solutions to suit your needs. We will interact with you as humans and not ATMs.

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Outcomes-Based Security®

To ensure we deliver on our commitments to you, we have created a repeatable approach to cybersecurity consulting engagements:

  • CDG’s Outcomes-Based Security® Program ensures you can determine and track the progress of your cyber security posture in real time.
  • Under the Outcomes-Based Security® Program, CDG provides actionable and usable insights to ensure you are addressing threats and risk to data within your organization.
  • The program commences with a comprehensive security assessment which provides a roadmap to reduce your attack surface.
  • The findings of the assessment are compared against regulatory and security frameworks, where applicable.
  • We train and work closely with your internal teams to ensure the highest cybersecurity posture, and act as the cyber lead when needed, or as a resource to your existing security team.

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Our Experts are at your Service.

With CDG, you get an entire team of experts at your service. Our carefully curated team is skilled, professional and ready for service. We are passionate about our work and always available to support you. We focus on moving your security program forward and can provide team augmentation and support services for all your projects and processes. With CDG, we dont believe in providing only expert advice and consultancy; instead, we believe in forging relationships and partnerships.

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