Proactive Security

Scale and advance your cyber capabilities with Proactive Security & Defense. Proactive Security is revolutionizing how companies are approaching cyber defense.

Prevent the Hack
Proactive Security

The modern cybersecurity strategy requires the right people, process, and technology to effectively defend against today’s modern threats.

Research shows that organizations who invest in proactive cybersecurity programs can detect and mitigate threats three times faster than organizations that do not invest properly in their cybersecurity programs. Organizations without a robust cybersecurity strategy are destined to lose revenue due to an adverse data incident.

You need a robust security plan to address your cybersecrity challenges proactively. Our team can help navigate the vast array of regulatory and compliance issues that face the modern enterprise.

vCISO Advisory Services

CDG’s vCISO is your agile security leader. Senior security experts can fill the gap when organizations need a seasoned security executive to develop and lead the implementation of a tailored proactive security program. CDG’s vCISO will provide security advisory services and guidance to the organization’s leadership, develop the security roadmap, and organize the resources necessary to execute against that roadmap in order to enable new business and protect current growth.

Cloud Security Engineering

Hiring talented cloud security engineers is difficult. The ability to scale your security engineering capacity on demand can be a difficult proposition. CDG’s security engineers embed within your team, learning your culture and understanding your environment. Our security engineers will implement and operationalize the security defenses you need, allowing your team to concentrate on your most important projects.

Managed Vulnerability Reduction

Technical weaknesses and unpatched vulnerabilities expose organizations to increased risk and potential loss of revenue. CDG’s Managed Vulnerability Reduction (MVR) service will develop, implement, and manage your vulnerabilities, including SDLC. Our MVR service will identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities within your code and cloud infrastructure. CDG’s security engineers will embed within your team and perform security reviews of Pull Requests (PR), review vulnerability assessments, and continuously monitor your cloud configurations.

Compliance Readiness

Compliance with the global regulatory requirements can be daunting for most organizations. Cyber Defense Group has experience implementing compliance as painlessly as possible, across a wide range of industries. CDG will assess, engage, tailor, and deploy the necessary security program for your organization to achieve growth objectives, achieve compliance, and measurably improve your security defenses.

Protected Clients

We protect our clients from cyber criminals, and we create robust security programs which can withstand current and future threats.

Identify, understand, & respond to attacks faster.

Cyber Defense Group (CDG) is a focused Cloud Cybersecurity specialist that provides maximum defense using exceptional knowledge and the most advanced technology against today’s advanced cyber threats.


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We mobilize and launch a complete investigation of any suspected incident within 24 hours.

Incident Response

If you have been the victim of a cyber attack, contact us right now.

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