Proactive Retainer

Our cybersecurity services ensure your environment can respond to adverse security events rapidly.

A business should always be prepared in case of an attack. We will prepare a team that will consistently monitor your cybersecurity programs to ensure that you are operating at the highest standards. Cyber attacks have a speed of their own and that speed demands defense. Our vCISOs are trained to react quickly to prevent a full blown incident. We tailor Incident Response Retainers to your company’s needs.

Proactive Retainer Outcomes

Develop a tailored incident response policy and plan

Create incident response runbooks that reflect your team and technologies

Collect and/or develop a unified stakeholder emergency contact list

Conduct training exercises to prepare your organization

Retainer Service Types


– Strategic Program Assessment

– Security Operations Center (SOC) Assessment

– MITRE ATTACK Detection


– Compromise Assessment

– Ransomware Readiness Assessment

– Penetration Testing

Cybersecurity Should be an Advantage, not a Cost Center. Let’s Get to Work.