Security Operations Center – SOC

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Security Operations Center
June 4, 2020

Security Operations Center

What is a Security Operations Center?

Monitoring and preventing cyberattacks is not an easy job. Furthermore, it isn’t a task that is simply added to an existing employee’s job description. In fact, an entire team is required in order to protect a business or organization’s security. A security operations center (SOC) does exactly that. An SOC is a team of individuals trained and organized to monitor, detect, analyze, prevent, and respond to cybersecurity threats and attacks. An SOC is vital for organizations who need proper cybersecurity.

SOC Responsibilities and Duties

incident response procedureThe SOC contains not just experienced individuals, but also the technology necessary to conduct the security operations. An SOC will track an organization’s devices, servers, security infrastructures, and networks. This tracking allows them to view and understand all actions being taken, which gives them the ability to respond to possible threats. If there is a cyber security threat, the SOC investigates, triage, and contains the possible threat.

Given that each organization has a different structure and security needs, each SOC can be slightly different. One of the most important differentiating factors is the organization’s compliance with security regulations. For example, if the business must comply with GDPR regulations, then the SOC will ensure compliance with said regulations.

An SOC often consists of CISOs, security managers, analysts, IT professionals, and people with experienced computer science backgrounds. Since each organization may not have the people to do such tasks, an organization can hire another team to act as their SOC. The SOC is housed in a single physical location, but one that is highly secure itself. The location requires heightened security both in terms of physical security, but also cyber.

It is highly recommended that all organizations have security mechanisms and developed infrastructures. Furthermore, if your organization handles personal information, you may have a legal duty to maintain industry-standard security practices. If you have any questions about implementing and maintaining an SOC, reach out to us at CDG today.

CDG Team

CDG Team

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