Security Engineer Shortage

You can’t protect what you don’t track

Every organization is now a technology organization - and every organization requires cybersecurity to be embedded into the culture and daily practices.

War For Talent

The lack of trained cloud security engineers and qualified security leaders is leaving companies with few options. Organizations are either delaying their investment in cybersecurity or committing their budget to the wrong people. The cybersecurity market has been at 0% unemployment since 2011, with millions of positions unfilled across the world. The need for cybersecurity talent is high but the availability of talent is almost nonexistent.

Auto-Scaling Security Team

As an organization grows so does its security requirements. Today’s traditional hiring model is not suited to procuring talent quickly enough. By the time the organization has finished the months-long interview process, qualified candidates will have received multiple offers, which leaves the seat vacant and the organization’s security engineering needs unfulfilled.

This is why Cyber Defense Group developed a subscription service for executive security leadership and security engineering. This enables high-growth companies to scale talent up and down predictably and cost-effectively.

By providing the “people” part of the security strategy with deep security talent, CDG can help organizations who were once vulnerable to attack, and unable to effectively defend their environments, to implement a scalable and predictable security program.

Incident Response

If you have been the victim of a cyber attack, contact us right now.