Cloud Misconfiguration

424% increase in data breaches resulting from code vulnerabilities or cloud misconfiguration

Code has gone beyond the app. Everything is now being managed as code and while that is a massive leap forward in infrastructure resilience it has also opened up the vector for massive vulnerabilities to be introduced at an incredible rate.

Infrastructure-as-Code with Cloud Misconfiguration leads to increased threats

Organizations that are leveraging tools like CloudFormation and Terraform to manage the configuration state of their cloud environments are often overlooking the basics, which leads to insecure code being left behind. 

Lack of a Secure SDLC leaves customer data unprotected and unencrypted on the Internet. Vital components such as audit logs and traffic logging are not enabled, providing poor visibility into the environment and making it almost impossible to tell when malicious activity occurs. 

Embedding proper security into the SDLC is the organization’s responsibility, although it can often take a back seat to shipping code. Cyber Defense Group has the cloud engineers augment your team and improve your security posture, reducing the risk throughout the SDLC and preventing the cloud misconfiguration that lead to a hack.

Automated code and infrastructure reviews are the only way to ensure continuous security compliance, and prevent mistakes from insecure code and cloud misconfiguration happening in the first place. CDG’s Managed Vulnerability Reduction (MVR) services provide vulnerability reduction across your entire SDLC, which enables more secure code to be deployed faster, attack surface reduction and rapid risk mitigation throughout your entire organization.

Incident Response

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