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Turning VCISO Services Into an In-House Cybersecurity Strength

Building cybersecurity trust through genuine action building a strong security posture

FilmRise’s background

FilmRise is the world’s largest independently owned portfolio of ad-supported streaming apps and FAST channels. Based in Brooklyn, FilmRise operates the FilmRise Streaming Network and serves as a film and television studio. Founded in 2012 by veteran producers and financiers Danny and Jack Fisher, and Alan Klingenstein, FilmRise is a recognized market leader in analytics-led video curation and distribution, offering over 40,000 licensed and originally produced films and TV episodes across all genres.

The security threats challenge

cybersecurity challenge that FilmRise faced

FilmRise needed a trustworthy cybersecurity provider amidst a security event that highlighted their vulnerabilities. Filmrise also had an initial hesitation to hire an outside agency for this long-term engagement due to a poor experience with another firm. Cyber Defense Group was able to handle a delicate situation extremely well to ensure that everyone was comfortable. The immediate solution was found when Jack Fisher contacted Lou Rabon, CEO of Cyber Defense Group, who promptly managed the emergency with their Incident Response services. This initial success led FilmRise to recognize the critical need for specialized expertise to address their unique cyber risk challenges.

It is crucial to address all potential security risks beyond just meeting compliance standards.

The security obstacles encountered by FilmRise

  • Cybersecurity support needed after discovery of a security incident
  • Uncovered a security incident that required immediate and specialized cybersecurity support
  • Limited resources, challenge to deploy and manage a comprehensive security program
  • Faced challenges in deploying and managing a comprehensive security program due to limited resources
  • Budgetary restraints, challenge to allocate the budget for the necessary resources for a robust cybersecurity program
  • Struggled with budgetary constraints, making it difficult to allocate funds for a robust cybersecurity program
  • Lack of in-house cybersecurity expertise, left FilmRise vulnerable to advanced threats
  • Lacked in-house cybersecurity expertise, leaving the organization vulnerable to advanced threats
  • Initially hesitant due to past negative experience with another firm
  • Initially hesitant to engage with Cyber Defensed Group due to a previous negative experience with another cybersecurity firm
  • Gaps in security policies, need for strategic and tailored solutions
  • Identified gaps in existing security policies, highlighting the need for strategic thinking and tailored solutions to enhance information security practices

The strategic cybersecurity solution

vciso services are the strategic cybersecurity solution

Cyber Defense Group’s approach was tailored to FilmRise’s specific incident, steering clear of pushing unnecessary services and instead focusing on genuine solutions. This authentic dedication to addressing the root issue struck a chord with FilmRise. A comprehensive risk assessment by Cyber Defense Group uncovered a security situation that was more precarious than FilmRise had foreseen. This transparent and meticulous process not only built trust but also underscored the critical need for a cybersecurity partner with profound expertise in advisory services, information security, and risk management.

Gradually, the Cyber Defense Group team was able to augment the security team at FilmRise to seamlessly integrate themselves into their operations. FilmRise valued the straightforward, transparent, and no-nonsense approach brought by Cyber Defense Group. Taking action, Cyber Defense Group initiated an effective incident response program and evaluated FilmRise’s security posture, aiding in the development of a 12-month cybersecurity enhancement roadmap to fortify defenses and minimize vulnerabilities. By enhancing security controls and proactively addressing weaknesses, they bolstered FilmRise’s resilience against potential security threats. The virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) services provided by Cyber Defense Group played a crucial role in developing FilmRise’s organization’s security program, ensuring comprehensive cyber security strategies were implemented to address evolving threats and regulatory requirements.

Key actions taken by Cyber Defense Group through virtual ciso services

  1. Incident response: Immediate action to resolve the security event.
  2. Risk assessment: Detailed evaluation of FilmRise’s security strengths and weaknesses.
  3. VCISO services: Integration of Cyber Defense Group’s vCISO services to provide continuous cybersecurity support and expertise.
  4. Virtual CISO consulting services: Hiring virtual CISO consulting services to understand the business, provide tailored solutions, and be available in times of threat or breach detection.
  5. Security roadmap: Creation of a 12-month roadmap to improve FilmRise’s cybersecurity maturity and reduce their attack surface.
  6. Enhanced security controls: Implementation of preemptive defensive actions to address vulnerabilities.

Client testimonials

“Lou and the team were truly trying to help us, rather than sell us a product or solution. This gave me confidence that we found the right company to help us, both immediately and over the longer term,” said Alan Klingenstein, FilmRise Founder.

“These guys are great and very responsive, they listen and are not so big that you don’t get a chance to speak with Executives. They definitely got us out of a pickle. Make sure you find a company that is sincerely interested in helping you with your priorities. The more you try to help somebody, the more you’ll help yourself,” Klingenstein added.

Long-term engagement and results

Overcoming initial hesitations due to previous poor experiences with other firms, Cyber Defense Group’s genuine, transparent, and straightforward approach helped them seamlessly integrate into FilmRise’s operations. The continued engagement has allowed FilmRise to stretch their security budget effectively while gaining access to an “in-house” team of cybersecurity experts through Cyber Defense Group’s virtual CISO services.

By utilizing Cyber Defense Group’s virtual CISO services, FilmRise not only recovered from the initial security incident but also significantly bolstered their overall security stance. Additionally, they gained access to an “in-house” security team with specialized expertise, all at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. Cyber Defense Group’s strategic approach to cybersecurity governance, implementation, and operations has established a robust groundwork for FilmRise’s forthcoming security endeavors. Their methodical development and execution of a customized security strategy have significantly elevated FilmRise’s security resilience.


Hiring Cyber Defense Group’s virtual CISO services enabled FilmRise to transform their cybersecurity from a reactive measure to a proactive in-house strength. Cyber Defense Group’s tailored security strategy and expert guidance have positioned FilmRise to confidently face evolving cyber threats with a robust and mature security posture.

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