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Incident Response and Investigation

CDG has handled incidents for organizations of all sizes, against adversaries ranging from nation-states to “script kiddies”. We provide a team of world-class experts who can quickly identify the scope of the response and determine a plan to recover your environment as quickly as possible.

Incident Response
Our Incident Response team can be spun up in less than 24 hours. We deploy specialized tools and work with your existing security and IT teams to identify and contain the breach as quickly as possible.


Advantages of Availing Incident Response Services
In this innovative world, to survive certainly, one ought to have Incident response services that can oversee and recoup from information ruptures and system assaults. It’s huge to each association to have the capacity to respond to any security occurrence in a provoke way. How about we see the advantages of occurrence reaction designs: Assist to confront security assault whenever The security group can possibly deduct any assault. It realizes what to improve the situation every situation when an occurrence happens. This strategy will spare quite a bit of time and in addition cost, and obviously, loss of information. Halt the occurrence from turning into a blackout Early conclusion of a rate implies a recuperation of information preceding it ends up utilized. With the incident response services, the early finding is plausible. The group is certain that harm would be stopped at the underlying stage and restorative move will make to determine the issue on the spot. Subsequently, the episode would be fathomed preceding turning into a blackout. Helps to decay Investigative Costs The incident response services help to diminish the examination cost as at the underlying stage episode is deducted. Non-reception of these administrations mean, procure the examination group, at that point sharing of all data and after some long periods of examination, the occurrence might possibly be fathomed. If not understood, at that point moves toward becoming blackout.Avail certainty of Clients and Investors Benefiting of these administrations implies you are getting the certainty of your customers and financial specialists. At whatever point a customer puts resources into an organization, he as a rule contemplates the security framework. With the incident response plan, associations are better ready to react fittingly to frequency. Henceforth, with these administrations, it is doable to develop customer and financial specialist certainty, both in security and no matter how you look at it. Avoidance of Penalties When you need help with Ransomware, you secure your organization and when it gets secured, at that point no punishments. Consequently, with the presentation of some defensive administrations in your organization, we can spare a lot of costs. Digital Defense Group (CDG) is a center of security framework pros which offers viable Incident Response Services. This security framework improves protection by utilizing excellent information and the most developed innovation against the present propelled dangers. By benefiting these administrations, you can unquestionably advance your business. To find out about it, sign in its official online interface named as

CDG’s forensic team can help trace the “Five W’s” on how an incident occurred, as well as aid with investigations around any type of digital crime.

Skills & Experience
Our IR team consists of some of the most experienced professionals in the world, having successfully defended and recovered against nation state attackers. The team holds top certifications in security (CISSP, CISM, CISA) and forensics (CFE, CFCE, EnCe, GFCE).

Recent Incidents

  • Minimized damage around a malware attack with persistent actors (APT) and ensured a robust recovery approach, locking out the attackers for good
  • Discovery of proprietary code leakage which led to API key compromise for an Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Investigation of financial fraud due to email compromise with full remediation advice
  • Recovery from a ransomware attack and attempted data exfilration

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