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Compromise Assessment

Safeguard your business and digital assets with a comprehensive and technical compromise assessment. CDG takes you closer to shielding your organization with a thorough cybersecurity compromise assessment.

What is Compromise Assessment?

Compromise assessment is a type of cyber risk assessment that tends to pinpoint potential threats in an organization’s network in terms of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). After Identification, a detailed investigation is then carried out to minimize this compromise risk. Businesses and organizations are always prone to cyber threats and security breaches if there is a compromise in their cyber security infrastructure and programs. CDGs compromise assessment tools convey a deep and technical search of your computers and the attack surface network within your organization to ensure all gaps and indicators of cyber security compromise are highlighted. The Cyber security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recommends a periodic compromise assessment as a best practice for all industries while a few industries are mandated to perform such an assessment by a third-party expert.

Dwell Time and Average Persistent Threats

The Dwell Time is the period between an attacker’s entry and exit from the network. Reducing Dwell Time is critical because the longer a threat actor can operate covertly inside the network, the more time they have to discover how to get around security, set up back doors, and exfiltrate data. These Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are potentially damaging and destructive. CDG’s security compromise assessment is designed to reveal APTs ensuring your information and assets can be protected from malicious operators and threats.

Implications of Lack of Compromise Assessment

A compromise assessment ensures that your organization and business are aware of the threats and cyber security breaches that can disrupt the normal flow of your business. You are made aware of what remedial actions and best practices should be followed to ensure the safety of your sensitive information and valuable online assets. An absence of a proper assessment can have a damaging impact on your business.

1. You remain unaware and oblivious of potential threats and attacks.

2. The security of your online assets and information can be dangerously compromised.

3. Threat actors can enjoy more Dwell Time.

4. Your business may not comply with cyber security laws and hence, face liabilities and penalties.

5. Your current security and safety program may be outdated and unsuitable to combat new threats and viruses.

Why Get a Compromise Assessment?

CDG provides compromise assessment services and detailed forensics in cyber security to evaluate the presence of threat actors to determine if your cyber security system has been compromised. This conclusion, reached after a thorough investigation, lowers the security risk associated with hackers stealing money, consumer information, or intellectual property. The proactive detection of poor security practices; such as configuration mistakes and policy conflicts that might leave holes and put businesses at greater risk, helps to improve security posture. An in-depth compromise security assessment will identify areas of vulnerability and present a plan for addressing them. It will include recommendations for future enhancements that can be utilized to direct future decisions about budget and resource allocation. Some industries require a compromise assessment by law. However, proof of a compromise assessment has a lot of value placed by auditors, even if it is not mandated by legal obligations or compliance.

How is Compromise Readiness Assessment Different from Threat Hunting?

A proactive search for cyber threats already existing in the infrastructure is known as threat hunting. A compromise evaluation considers both indicators of compromise and indicators of attack as well as potential causes, by scanning all the endpoints in the network and providing appropriate next measures and potential remedies to strengthen the organization’s overall security posture. Threat hunters create hypotheses based on data obtained about emerging threats and combine it with information about the strategies used by adversaries. A compromise assessment is a thorough examination of your organization’s current security architecture that identifies areas that are vulnerable to cyber attacks and other threats. Threat hunters utilize advanced analytics to identify unusual activities within the vast amounts of data gathered by security systems and use threat intelligence to reveal future and ongoing attacker activity. Hunting for threats is a continuous process. Contrarily, a compromise assessment is often carried out periodically for point-in-time analysis and, in some situations, to satisfy regulatory obligations. Additionally, the scope of a compromise assessment’ is much wider than a threat hunt.

What Benefits Do You Get From CDG?

When evaluating infrastructure and putting security measures in place for its clients, CDG uses an Outcome-Based Security Program methodology. This procedure thoroughly evaluates the client’s network infrastructure’s security and attack surface. It is a results-oriented approach toward actionable insights to strengthen the weak points in their cyber security architecture. Our clients are always threat-prepared and prepared to take action in the event of a security breach, thanks to this approach and the experience and knowledge of the CDG team. Additionally, CDG utilizes industry best practices and is led by a group of ambitious and knowledgeable people that guarantee tailored solutions for companies of all sizes.

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