Cloud Incident Response

Incident Response is a specialized skill, Cloud Security Incident Response is even more specialized.

Operating in the cloud is a different model in every respect, but especially when dealing with a cloud security incident.
You need a cybersecurity consultancy that has the skills and knowledge to identify, contain and recover from a cloud incident fast.

  • How Do I Capture Packets In A Cloud Environment?
  • Why Have I Lost Root Account Access To My Cloud Environment?

These are just some of the questions that will arise when a cloud security incident occurs. CDG has a team of experts ready to respond at a moment’s notice when you experience a cloud incident.

Our experts can quickly understand the scope and severity of an attack and help you take action to reduce the impact a cloud incident will have on your environment.

Cloud (Mis)management

High-growth organizations are incentivized to migrate to public and hybrid cloud environments because of the agility and speed it unlocks.

With the increased adoption of cloud environments across every industry, there has been a corresponding rise in cloud-based data breaches due to cloud infrastructure misconfiguration.

AWS alone provides more than 283 discrete services, with a 13% growth Year on Year. Each new service has its own threat model and risk profile, and requires its own security best practices. It is no surprise that organizations are making catastrophic mistakes.

Due to this rate of adoption, Gartner has publicly stated that it expects 95 percent of cloud security failures and data breaches will be the fault of the customer(1), not the cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc). The customer, leveraging the cloud to build their business, is both the perpetrator and the victim.

Protect your Intellectual Property and Reputation

Without the right security strategy for cloud-native companies, organizations are doomed to repeat the mistakes of companies who exposed the keys to their infrastructure on the internet, or join the numerous organizations that leaked over 100,000 API and cryptographic keys via poor code security practices, leading to a cloud-based data breach incident.(2)

Implement Automated Safety Measures

How a fast-moving organization realizes security and growth objectives:
  •  Automated cloud configuration checks
  • Embedded identity and access management controls
  • Continuous cloud security vulnerability assessments integrated into every step of the deployment pipeline

Engage the Cloud Incident Response Experts

The Cloud Incident Response Team from Cyber Defense Group (CDG) will engage your executive leadership, provide technical leadership, deploy the necessary tools to uncover the attacker, contain the cyberattack, discover the root cause and move to restore your business back to normal.


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