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July 19, 2022

A Longstanding Security Partnership with vCISO Services

Building a Security Program Quickly with vCISO Services

SHIFT is a US based video collaboration and media management company that has redefined the future of video production for creators from Hollywood to Madison Avenue. SHIFT’s global presence in over 30 countries enables them to provide peerless support 24/7 to their customers and stay close to creators with offices in both Los Angeles and Boston.

The Challenge

As an innovative business, SHIFT knew the importance of the data they were securing within their applications and needed to formalize their approach to security. Spinning up an experienced security team with the CISO at the helm would have been a very expensive proposition. SHIFT therefore looked externally to add a robust strategic and operational security team that could handle their agile cloud environment.

The Solution

SHIFT turned to Cyber Defense Group (CDG) as their trusted security services partner to safeguard against future cybersecurity attacks. The increase of attacks on the media industry prioritized SHIFT’s need for a comprehensive security program to reduce risk.
For SHIFT, an attainable security plan started with implemented the CIS Top 20 security controls. As CDG continued to work through development of the security program, they influenced the creation of an internal security monitoring tool called the Screener’s Security Report. This was created to detect malicious behavior, giving SHIFT’s security team better visibility of traffic that the previously did not have insight to, and helping SHIFT generate revenue based on their investment in security.
SHIFT and CDG will continue their partnership, maturing the security program toward SOC2 compliance and the ISO 27001 security framework. CDG’s partnership with SHIFT continues to prove the CDG methodology, which is that cybersecurity is a revenue generator, and not just a cost center. CDG’s dedication to scoping their engagements based on security outcomes, not on billing excessive hours, shows the value and ROI that clients can experience with CDG’s services.

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