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As a cybersecurity company, we often find our adversaries to be hackers – individuals and collected groups who use computers, networking, and other skills to gain unauthorized access to data. Hackers generally hold some motivation for seeking to infiltrate software and hardware systems in a means to gain financial reward, influence, power, or to cause destruction.

That being said, cybercriminals should be commended for their genius, innovation, and collaboration.

Yes, we said it.

There are aspects to hackers that make them and their culture worth recognizing, even replicating. The saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” applies in cybersecurity as well.

Numerous reports from fellow industry players and tech giants illustrate that cybercriminals and their affiliations are producing attacks that are more sophisticated than ever before. In the last three years, criminals have exploited security vulnerabilities within companies and organizations using novel technologies and bold techniques. Even the most security-focused groups find it difficult to stay ahead of these daredevil cybercriminals.

Attack techniques like reconnaissance, credential harvesting, malware, and VPN exploits are leading to security breaches. The 2020 Microsoft Digital Defense Report, shows a sizable rise in IoT (internet of things) threats. The first half of 2020 saw an approximate 35 percent increase in total attack volume, compared to the second half of 2019.

We know that hackers are seemingly immoral opportunists — the pandemic further highlighted that point with countless attacks on hospitals, charities, and Covid relief institutions. While an utopian idea would be that cybercriminals would have a heart and not attack altruistic or essential institutions, that is just not a reality we live in. Therefore, in order to beat them… we have to beat them at their own game.

Think like a hacker. Stop a hacker.

Cyber Defense Group’s elite team of cybersecurity professionals is essentially, a group of hackers. We know that in order to stay ahead of cybercriminals and their trends, we must adopt a hacker mentality. We constantly exam, test, and research new ways that we can penetrate our clients’ networks — just as any real-world hacker would do.

This mentality differs from most cybersecurity providers, as the industry as a whole often falls victim to a fixed mindset. Too many cybersecurity companies analyze systems with a “checklist” method of addressing security concerns and incidents. As a result, there is currently a lack of urgency, of creativity. This way of doing business isn’t inherently wrong, but it is susceptible to the exploitation of cybercriminals who are thinking outside of the box.

When the hacker community knows that organizations are lagging behind in regard to inventive strategies and proactive detection, it is more successful in its attacks. With this level of confidence, it can be expected that cybercrime will continue to increase in frequency and severity. Therefore, the cybersecurity industry as a whole needs to re-evaluate its mentality. 

CDG doesn’t just play from this side of the keyboard, we get into the mind of the hacker…because we understand their game.

At CDG, our “hacker mentality” is one of the major company differentiators between us and the competition. We know that cybercriminals are crafty and innovative. We witness it on a daily basis. By acknowledging it, we can give our clients the most holistic, sound cybersecurity protection available. Our vetted team of creative analysts and engineers hack our clients’ systems looking for both front and back-door vulnerabilities that could lead to our clients’ software or hardware being compromised.

We are conscious of the ever-evolving nature within the digital environment. Cybersecurity will never be at rest, as criminals will always be working around the clock to develop new ways into secure networks — exposing sensitive information and derailing critical company infrastructure.

With all of this in mind, when we work with our clients, we deliver robust, custom-tailored cybersecurity solutions unique to their needs. We are able to provide the most well-rounded approach because we aren’t just looking at how to protect  — we’re testing ways that could exploit.

When looking to hire a cybersecurity company, don’t get mesmerized by the fancy buzzwords and big flashy statistics. Instead, probe their philosophy. Do they ever play cybercriminal? If not, their services might be leaving your network wide open — because hackers are enterprising and indefatigable, so your cybersecurity team needs to be too.

Ready to trust the right cybersecurity company?

If you’re looking for more guidance on how to move your cybersecurity program forward, CDG can help. We are shifting the cybersecurity consulting paradigm to address the needs of mid-market, cloud-native or cloud-reliant companies who are experiencing rapid growth.

Founded in 2016 by global security expert Lou Rabon, our nimble team draws on decades of experience and diverse technical expertise to deliver a full spectrum of information security advisory and implementation services on a fixed-cost basis. Our right-sized, results-driven approach will help you meet your immediate needs, but also ready you to navigate what’s ahead. Get in touch, and see what results are possible for your organization.

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