About Us

Cyber Defense Group Mission Statement

We are an elite group of professionals providing the most effective cyber defense for our clients. Our Mission is to offer maximum defense using our exceptional knowledge and experience to defend against advanced threats so that our clients can conduct their business with certainty.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where cyber defense is efficient, effective and effortless, allowing businesses to do what they do best. We believe cybersecurity is not a cost-center, but actually a revenue-generator.



CDG was created in Los Angeles in 2016 to address the growing demand for high-quality cybersecurity consulting in the marketplace. We determined there was a real gap between the template-driven legacy model and the completely bespoke, yet unrepeatable, boutique consultancy model of consultancy. CDG bridges this gap by implementing real change for our clients, increasing their security posture and giving them the tools that they need to manage their own cybersecurity environments.

We are the trusted security advisor to many leading organizations across the globe, working with our clients to deliver a holistic approach to cyber security. CDG seeks to understand every layer of an organization’s current security posture and assist in creating a tailored information security strategy – one aligned to business objectives and regulatory requirements which affect the business.


  • Integrity – Do what you say and say what you do. We provide certainty to our clients by consistently sticking to our deadlines and providing objective, independent solutions.
  • Value - Ensure that you’re adding value in every interaction. Everything we provide to our clients and our co-workers has definitive value. We do not take short-cuts.
  • Ownership - Do what it takes to get the job done well and take pride in your work. We take pride in our work and go the extra mile to ensure we deliver the best possible solutions. We are resourceful, accountable, and do not let obstacles get in our way.
  • Teamwork - You’re a member of a high-performing team that excels at accomplishing goals. When you engage with CDG, you’re engaging with an elite team of professionals that gets the job done.