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We create security programs and cloud services that prioritize speed and automation to reduce your risk to unfamiliar threats.

Cloud Security Solutions

Modern business is done over the cloud. Organizations are migrating away from on-premises networks in favor of cloud services and solutions. The added benefits of cloud computing enable companies to achieve better workflow efficiency, greater scalability, operational flexibility, and, ultimately, stronger digital security. While the cloud helps deliver a new era of business, it doesn’t come out of the box as a fool-proof solution.

As the cloud often holds highly sensitive data, such as financial information and customer details, cybercriminals are increasing efforts to find openings in businesses’ cloud networks. Every 39 seconds, there is a cyberattack taking place. This emphasizes robust cloud security and the importance organizations must take to secure their networks.

With cyberattacks evolving in complexity and sophistication, businesses must ensure that they are partnering with a cloud security provider with extensive knowledge and expertise in the moving cloud computing landscape. Successful cloud computing security starts with a holistic approach to audit, identify, and address all points of a company’s cloud network security.

Today, as organizations embrace digital transformation and update to more extensive cloud services, working with the right cloud services provider will best prevent possible data breaches and help secure sensitive data resources. Scaling your business with cloud storage and computing power opens doors to better ways of operation and key management needs. A simultaneous cloud security strategy must be formed as you onboard and grow your relationship with the cloud.

Our Mission Towards Cloud Security

Here at Cyber Defense Group, our team of cloud security leaders has been working and learning alongside cloud technology since the platform’s inception. We understand the multi-faceted needs that accompany cloud security and work to provide a panacea for organizations. As cloud network security pioneers, we provide an expansive list of services, including cloud security consulting, vCISOs, and special project needs.

Cloud Security Consulting:

Regardless of your cloud security environment, our team of experts is well-versed in a wide range of cloud platforms allowing us to help provide customized care to every organization. From developing a personalized network strategy to helping instill best cloud security practices among personnel, our team is prepared to handle every need under the cloud.

vCISO Services:

Finding and retaining an in-house CISO isn’t easy for any business today. We offer vCISO services to act as your team’s leading security professional to develop strategy and oversee ongoing security operations. We are a full-stack team of cybersecurity experts, and organizations can reduce costs and see better network security returns.

Special Projects:

Cloud security and cybersecurity generally don’t always follow a linear path. Sometimes unique and out-of-bounds solutions are needed to address uncommon problems. We can lead, oversee, and carry out action on many one-off special projects.

Cloud security budgets remain underfunded by most companies today, with an average of 10 percent of IT budgets allocated to cybersecurity. The lack of investment is often putting organizations in vulnerable positions where network weaknesses, resource deficiencies, and absent expert advice are leading to security breaches. CDG is dedicated to helping educate and solve the cloud security problem that persists today.

The Growing Need For Cloud Security Solutions

Despite the overwhelming advantages of cloud computing, countless dangers exist that need to be taken seriously – and at all times. Being the target of a cyberattack isn’t a matter of if but when. Regardless of organization size and industry, the potential for a cloud security breach remains.

Currently, over 90 percent of businesses are using cloud computing in some form. It is low on overall costs and saves you tons of money in the long run. As reliance on platforms like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure continue to expand, there is an increasing need for comprehensive cloud security strategies and management. Due to the cloud environment being a living, breathing entity, ongoing maintenance and monitoring efforts must be in place to keep productivity and network security aligned.

Common cloud security challenges that pose a threat to enterprises include:

Lack of Visibility:

Due to the amount of data being processed, stored, accessed, and manipulated by numerous parties, it cannot be easy to hold control and have insight into a cloud environment. This gives rise to the potential for a security breach.


Digital compliance can be a source of confusion and misinterpretations for organizations using public or hybrid cloud deployments. Data privacy and security are the responsibility of a business at the end of the day. Therefore, enterprises must ensure up-to-date on the latest cloud security measures and industry-specific standards.


Most cloud security breaches stem from network errors caused by internal personnel or processes. Issues like poor cyber hygiene and lacking security protocols are to blame for cloud vulnerabilities.

Knowing How to Guard Cloud Environments

As your cloud infrastructure continues to grow, the topic of conversation surrounding cloud services network security should also grow in comparison. On average, it takes enterprises that lack adequate cloud monitoring and security roughly 200 days before a breach is noticed – and then another 70 days to contain it.

The cost of a cloud security breach isn’t one that any business will want to quantify should a successful vector gain network access. Organizations utilizing the cloud, must actively plan and prepare for how to secure the integrity of their data. Whether a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid solution, businesses need to ensure secure cloud computing services are in place in order to have confidence in their software.

Often, the best solution is partnering with an experienced cloud security provider such as CDG. When businesses effectively prioritize their cloud security responsibilities, they are able to capitalize on the advanced benefits of these modern platforms. Cloud customers must be able to recognize and admit when additional help is needed and vet the available cloud service providers that will best protect cloud data and applications. A successful cloud environment is one that is actively monitored and tended to – a job that is often best managed by a cloud provider that has extensive experience in upholding an organization’s security posture.

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Cloud Security Consulting

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