Proactive Defense

Proactive Defense

Hack fatigue is a thing. You wonder what you can do to protect your organization but you’re constantly frustrated by too many vendors and no clear path to protect your data. Proactive Defense is the answer.  CDG’s Proactive Defense services offer the best solution for reducing attack surface and ensuring the most effective defense.

Managed Security Services
CDG offers a full range of Managed Security Services in partnership with best-of-breed vendors:

  • IDS
  • See what’s happening on your network

  • SIEM
  • Ensure proper log management

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Get visibility of your endpoints and stop ransomware before it starts

  • DDoS
  • our DDoS protection services can offer up to 400Gbp/s defense and include WAF functionality

  • Vulnerability Management
  • We can take over management of your internal and external vulnerability scans for both compliance reasons and to ensure you are effectively closing the most critical holes that may exist in your environment.