CISO Services

Our Virtual CISO (vCISO) offering enables companies to engage the services of an experienced CISO-level resource, including a full security team. CDG’s vCISO becomes your security department and engages with your internal teams to increase security maturity throughout the organization. If you currently have a security team, our vCISO offering can integrate within that team.

GRC and eGRC

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) is the heart of how you will manage your security initiatives. Buying technical solutions or engaging consulting services without a plan is a sure waste of time and effort and is one of the key causes of failure with security initiatives. CDG offers a full range of GRC solutions to enable your business to maximize your security budget and ensure effective coverage and remediation of risks. eGRC stands for Electronic GRC and represents a technical way to manage and view, at a glance, the security posture of the organization. eGRC changes the management of compliance and risk from spreadsheets into a system that can maintain integrity and offer workflows, which removes countless hours of tedious labor and improves efficiency.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment engagements enable organizations to shine a light in the dark corners of the entire organization and understand where to best place limited security resources. Engaging in a Risk Assessment ensure risk is properly identified, managed and reduced. Risk reduction should be the driver behind all security management decisions.


Compliance tends to be a headache for all organizations, especially those that do not have a dedicated internal security team. CDG removes the headache by managing the compliance lifecycle and giving your organization the tools it needs to easily manage any compliance regime: HIPAA/PCI/SOX/NIST/FISMA/DFARS/etc.


Privacy is an emerging issue for all organizations. As globalization continues and borders disappear, challenges increase around the complex web of global privacy regulations. In Europe alone, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in 2018. Are you ready? CDG can manage your privacy challenges from both a data protection and legal standpoint, with a team of privacy lawyers and senior cybersecurity specialists who have proven global experience in this field.

Cloud Security/DevSecOps

If you’re moving to “The Cloud” or already there, we handle the unique security challenges that you will face. If you have application development and a DevOps model, we can provide the SecOps to ensure your developers are able to continue pumping out code without causing problems down the road.