High Tech Industry

Innovation depends on Data Protection and Privacy Controls


Increase your security posture and ability to respond to adverse attacks. Shifting left in the SDLC means embedding security as part of your organization’s DNA.

Vulnerability Management for the modern high tech organization is one that is automated and integrated. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) has unlocked speed and now it’s time to integrate security. 

Don’t play catch-up

High tech companies that invest in security today are better positioned to detect, respond and recover from advanced attacks tomorrow. Your competitors are leveraging every advantage they can, including increased security and privacy. Invest in a proper cloud cybersecurity program to ensure your investment is protected.

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Create a Secure SDLC Today:

Protected Clients

We protect our clients from cyber criminals, and we create robust security programs which can withstand current and future threats.

Cloud Security Engineering At Speed

An effective security program implements safeguards in a way that enables developers, DevOps, and SREs to implement rapid changes into the organization’s infrastructure.


Cyber Defense Group

CDG Security engineers prioritize automation and tailored solutions to achieve infrastructure and code changes faster, safer and more effectively.

Incident Response

If you have been the victim of a cyber attack, contact us right now.