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HIPAA and HITECH Compliance is not Security

It’s one of healthcare’s most frustrating regulations, as well as healthcare’s dirty secret: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was created to address cybersecurity but has not gone far enough to actually create a higher security environment. Healthcare is one of the most attacked industries, and organizations that do the minimum to comply with HIPAA typically find themselves dealing with major security incidents with no relief in sight.

A BAA is not enough

Getting a Business Associate Agreement is one example of an ineffective method of tracking third parties. This liability protection will do little to actually protect the data you store on third party systems. Properly assessing your vendors and having a robust third party security assessment program goes beyond a BAA and ensures protection against third party mishandling of security and PHI.

Helping Patients and Guarding Innovation

Conducting a third-party security assessment against a standard such as the CIS Top 20 Controls can augment your organization’s security posture and ensure you are exceeding HIPAA compliance standards and actually protecting Protected Health Information.


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