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Hackvault: Your rapid
risk assessment tool.

Hackvault is an affordable and quick risk assessment service that provides actionable insights for your organization's compliance and security infrastructure.

Getting third-party assessment compliance was never so easy, quick, and cost-effective.

Hackvault is a rapid security assessment tool that amplifies knowledge about your organization’s security and compliance parameters. Your knowledge is combined with the expertise of CDG’s expert security consultants to get your business cybersecurity compliant. All this at a fraction of the normal cost and within a quick time frame.

CDG employs the latest standards in risk assessment methodology while offering the Hackvault service. Hackvault is designed to keep your business needs and time commitments in mind. By opting for Hackvault, you can get an assessment that achieves the following objectives in as quickly as 1 week:

  • 1Third-party security compliance for your existing and potential customers,
  • 2A view of your current security posture and the actionable steps you can take to improve,
  • 3A gap assessment against your security framework of choice (CIS18, SOC2, ISO27001, etc.)

With Hackvault, all you do is answer a questionnaire about your organization's security and compliance parameters. The experts at CDG analyze your existing infrastructure and provide a report outlining the current cybersecurity risk and posture of your business.

To add further value to the Hackvault assessment, CDG provides action plans and remediation measures to ensure the protection and compliance status of your organization.

If you are wondering where to start on your security journey then Hackvault is the tool for you!

A quick security and risk assessment to fit every pocket size.

With Hackvault you can get third-party assessment starting from $2500.

How to sign up for Hackvault?

Getting your annual compliance assessment has never been this easy.

Just 3 easy steps to sign-up

  • Click the Get Started Button
  • Select the service and value additions that most suit your business and buy the HackVault service you need
  • Once your credentials are activated within 48 hours, fill and submit the HackVault questionnaire within 21 days.
And you are done!

The HackVault team at CDG will respond with a detailed report of your security infrastructure and a remedial action plan to improve and enhance your cybersecurity.

We will also schedule a call and explain the current cyber security posture of your business and help with ways to improve your security system.

Enjoy a hassle free way of getting a third-party compliance assessment.

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