Due diligence requires a trusted advisor that understands advanced and complex technology

Cyber Risk is Business Risk

As a seller, you want to ensure the best price possible when conducting a financial event such as a merger. As a buyer, you need to understand the risks you’re taking on when acquiring an entity. Invest the time and resources to evaluate your environment to reduce the potential of surprises on either side of the transaction.

Protect your Investment and increase your competitive advantage

Your investment will lose substantial value if the trade secrets you’ve just acquired are leaked publicly, or to your competitors. If you’re on the sell-side, an investment in your cybersecurity consultation program can not only give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace, but it can increase your sell price and provide a unique selling point to differentiate your offering.

Robust Diligence Pre- and Post-Transaction

Having a cybersecurity team and meeting regulatory requirements does not make a company secure. You need to ask the right questions before completing a transaction, and those questions can be answered by conducting an in-depth security assessment of your investment target. Ensuring continued investment in cybersecurity following a successful transaction will ensure a sustainable path to revenue growth and protection.


Protect Your Investment:

Protected Clients

We protect our clients from cyber criminals, and we create robust security programs which can withstand current and future threats.

Security Engineering At Speed

An effective security program implements safeguards in a way that enables developers, DevOps, and SREs to implement rapid changes into the organization’s infrastructure.


Cyber Defense Group

CDG Security engineers prioritize automation and tailored solutions to achieve infrastructure and code changes faster, safer and more effectively.

Incident Response

If you have been the victim of a cyber attack, contact us right now.