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The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is the European privacy regulation which replaced EU Safe Harbor and compliance is mandated for any entities which transact business in the European Union (EU).

The deadline for GDPR compliance is May 25, 2018.  That means that there’s not much time to have your privacy program in place and ensure you are meeting all data protection requirements and demonstrate compliance of your processing activities.




The penalties for GDPR non-compliance can be very large: up to 4% of global revenue for your company.


The Solution:

Our privacy experts are IAPP members and CIPP-certified with proven experience in global privacy regulations.  We also partner with outside counsel if necessary to ensure all requirements are met.  Please contact us today to determine how we can quickly and efficiently start to address your GDPR requirements.

CDG has a proven track record of helping organizations understand the cybersecurity requirements around GDPR compliance.  We have several methods of ensuring your organization is ready to meet the requirements set forth by the EU:

Staff Augmentation

If you have a mature privacy program, we can work with your privacy department and your cybersecurity team to ensure both sides speak a common language and cover the requirements from a legal, administrative and technical perspective.

Program Creation

If you do not have a privacy program, we can help you create one from the ground up.