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Protection against evolving threats and malicious insiders

Regulatory Compliance is just the beginning

Compliance is not Security. Being able to defend against advanced threats in your environment goes beyond the traditional audit and compliance mindset. You are likely hitting compliance targets but your organization is still spending too much time responding to daily incidents.

Insider Threats are not always malicious

Although Insider Threat is a constant problem in the financial services industry, many times insiders simply get into trouble by making mistakes, either in configuring sensitive systems or by falling victim to social engineering attacks , like phishing. An outside firm is often best placed to assess where these risks lie, and help your organization defend against intentional and mistaken insider incidents.

Augment your team with knowledgeable experts

Financial services has been traditionally ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity, but as technology changes increase and newer technologies replace traditional environments, it’s important to find a trusted partner that has the skills and expertise to understand the latest environments and advanced threats.

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Meet Compliance and Regulatory Goals:

Protected Clients

We protect our clients from cyber criminals, and we create robust security programs which can withstand current and future threats.

Security Engineering At Speed

An effective security program implements safeguards in a way that enables developers, DevOps, and SREs to implement rapid changes into the organization’s infrastructure.


Cyber Defense Group

CDG Security engineers prioritize automation and tailored solutions to achieve infrastructure and code changes faster, safer and more effectively.

Incident Response

If you have been the victim of a cyber attack, contact us right now.