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A Global online presence presents more opportunities for attackers

Defending against legitimate attacks without slowing down transactions

Account Takeovers (ATO) and payment card attacks are a daily occurrence for you. This does not have to be the normal cost of doing business as an eCommerce site, however. There are ways to get ahead of the attackers and focus your team and attention on revenue generation without being constantly distracted by these issues.

Trust and Safety is a Top Priority for Your Customers

Consumers are increasingly voting with their wallets, and it’s important for them to have trust in your eCommerce site and services. Your investment in protecting your eCommerce site effectively will pay dividends in new and loyal customers.


Reputational Damage Leads to Major Financial Losses

A security incident not only causes a loss of productivity as your teams struggle to respond to the incident and ensure it doesn’t happen, it also causes reputational damage which translates into lost revenue. Your online reputation is too fragile to leave to change. Invest in security enhancements to ensure uptime and customer satisfaction.

Protect your Brand:

Protected Clients

We protect our clients from cyber criminals, and we create robust security programs which can withstand current and future threats.

Security Engineering At Speed

An effective security program implements safeguards in a way that enables developers, DevOps, and SREs to implement rapid changes into the organization’s infrastructure.


Contact an e-commerce security specialist

CDG Security engineers prioritize automation and tailored solutions to achieve infrastructure and code changes faster, safer and more effectively.

Incident Response

If you have been the victim of a cyber attack, contact us right now.