Why Cloud Computing Saves You Money and Gives You Peace of Mind

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Cloud computing is continuing to grow. No longer an emerging market, the infrastructure is here to stay — and the anticipated way of the future. Cloud computing fits every type of industry and can help accelerate businesses into a new era of productivity and security. While many have seen the writing on the wall, the majority are still hesitant to transition from decades-old technology and habits. Understandably, we as humans often don’t like change.

Yet, however intimidating cloud technology may seem, it has been proven to save business owners money and provide real peace of mind. In today’s digital landscape, network security is important to businesses of all sizes and as the world economy continues to become more intertwined with the internet, cybercrimes become an increasingly serious threat. Malicious actors and hackers are constantly looking for weak entry points and poor system configurations in order to infiltrate private networks.

This was the case in 2020, and the problem continues to persist today. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of businesses across the globe were quickly trying to digitize their business to fit a remote work environment. Unfortunately, many of these businesses were trying to implement protocols and infrastructure in a matter of months, when a successful transition takes a significantly longer period of time. This resulted in digital “open doors” and outdated technology that opportunistic cybercriminals take advantage of.

The good news is that a solution exists. When businesses invest in cloud computing architecture and have their network(s) set up by a knowledgeable team, they better secure their business from outside threats and quickly gain the cost-effective benefits associated with a cloud-native infrastructure.

How Cloud Computing Saves You Money

No Need for Hardware

By investing in cloud computing, your business is ditching the physical equipment. You no longer need to buy and maintain your own in-house servers and related hardware. Instead, your data is held on the vendor’s servers, where they are in charge of upkeep and maintenance. This also can lead to a reduction in necessary IT staff for your business — helping slash payroll if needed.  Additionally, by cutting hardware costs, you are also eliminating the need for more power and space — helping curb your overhead costs.

Improved Productivity 

The power of cloud computing enables employees to spend more time working and less time waiting on infrastructure updates and patches. Deploying cloud updates and software is often fast and precise, compared to traditional installations. These updates are done by your cloud vendor, allowing you and your employees to focus on what tasks need to get done and not what network fixes need to be pushed.

Investment Flexibility 

Most cloud-based computing solutions feature payment models that are pay-as-you-go. This enables businesses to only pay for cloud services and storage that fits their needs in that moment and time. This payment model allows businesses to quickly upscale or downscale their cloud services to match their requirements at each stage of their business’s lifecycle. In doing so, a firm can ensure they are getting a good return on investment and are not overpaying for services that are left unused.

How Cloud Computing Gives You Peace of Mind

1. DDoS Protection 

In 2020, distributed denial of service attacks spiked. Cybercriminals weren’t being shy about their intentions as they aimed to overwhelm network resources. Cloud computing vendors work continuously to monitor for DDoS attacks and if detected, they aim to absorb and disperse any traffic influx away from a business’s server. As DDoS attacks can be debilitating to a business’s network and website for hours and days, having the necessary resources to deter this type of attack is critical.

2. Enhanced Data Security

Cloud security is, in fact, a safer option for businesses to store their sensitive data on, in contrast to in-house hardware and networks. Cloud computing providers have intense protocol measures and monitoring behaviors in place to safeguard against potential server breaches. With strong file encryption and strict access control to server locations, it is a very slim possibility of a breach on the servers.

3. Around the Clock Support

When a business places their information in the hands of a cloud computing provider they are receiving 24/7 monitoring and support. Cloud providers are solely responsible for protecting your data and ensuring only authorized users can access this information. By having an extensive team of IT professionals only focused on your data security, you can rest knowing that you are taking the right precautions to protect your business in today’s online environment.

Ready to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity?

If you’re looking for more guidance on how to move your cybersecurity program forward, CDG can help. Founded in 2016 by cybersecurity expert Lou Rabon, Cyber Defense Group was designed to address the growing demand for experienced cybersecurity consulting for innovative cloud-native and cloud-reliant organizations.

Our unique combination of Fortune 500 leadership experience, deep knowledge of cloud security and incident response, as well as our commitment to Outcomes-Based Security enables CDG to fully protect our clients’ security posture while delivering desired business outcomes in an agile environment. Get in touch, and see what results are possible for your organization.

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