CMMC Compliance

What is the CMMC?

The US Department of Defense (DoD) handles classified and unclassified information, but the DoD also deals with contractors outside of the government apparatus who are permitted access to certain information. Given the sensitivity of the information being used, it is imperative that contractors have cybersecurity mechanisms in place. The DoD created the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) in order to create a federal standard for data controls.

How Does the CMMC Work?

As before, contractors remain responsible for protecting and securing the information they use, but now with the introduction of the CMMC, there is a standard to which these contractors can adhere to, and, once compliant, can achieve a CMMC compliance certification. The CMMC sets and clarifies the technical regulations contractors should be following so that their information systems do not remain vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.

CMMC Framework

The CMMC framework has five levels that a company can meet in order to demonstrate its system’s cybersecurity protocols. The first level concerns “basic” measures such as those prescribed by the NIST 800-171 requirements, which include measures like limiting unsuccessful login attempts. The second level has additional NIST 800-171 requirements so that controlled unclassified information (CUI) remains secure. The third level stipulates having a company-wide management plan for cybersecurity practices relating to CUI. The fourth level requires the company to routinely test and review its cybersecurity practices to ensure its procedures and protocols are sufficient to defend against threats. Finally, the fifth level is the highest level and requires the company to have in place a tested an appropriate cybersecurity management system.

CMMC Compliance

With the new system in place, contractors and others involved in the supply chain will have to meet the CMMC compliance level required for the work. Contractors should already have a system in place for cybersecurity and other data security systems, but it is important that the existing (or new) system complies with the required CMMC level. This is where we come in. CDG will ensure your systems and protocols are meeting the necessary CMMC compliance standards. Our team can help establish the cybersecurity system you need with CMMC compliance consulting and services.

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