Twitter Hack and How it May Have Happened

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twitter hack
July 28, 2020

Twitter Hack and How it May Have Happened

Recently, Twitter fell victim to a large-scale hack that many now are attempting to solve and understand. The perpetrators compromised 130 Twitter accounts and demanded bitcoin as ransom. Many of the accounts included verified accounts of major figures, such as former President Barack Obama, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Bill Gates, and Kim Kardashian. The attackers managed to gain access to these high-profile accounts and sent out Tweets, but in the cases of a select few, they also downloaded the personal information of the account holders.

What has perplexed cybersecurity experts and garnered the attention of politicians (and federal law enforcement) is figuring out how and why the perpetrators carried out the hack. While the hacking of any Twitter account is problematic and warrants investigation, it becomes much more worrying when the hacked account belongs to a politician running in the upcoming election. Members of Congress have expressed concerns regarding the possibility of another such attack occurring in order to manipulate the 2020 election. As a result, the FBI has opened an investigation into the Twitter hack.

Twitter’s Statement on the Attack

ransomware incidentsTwitter published a blog post that provided more information regarding the hack. According to the post, the hackers gained access to Twitter’s main internal system through a method called social engineering. Twitter employees were supposedly manipulated into providing their login information, thereby allowing the hackers to enter the internal system. From there, Twitter states that the hackers gained access to tools that allow employees to view account information such as email addresses. The hackers then changed the account’s email to their own email address and then reset the password. Since the email on the account had been changed, the hackers were able to get past Twitter’s 2FA. At this point, the hackers could log in to the targeted accounts.

Unconfirmed Rumours About Twitter Hack

Some cybersecurity experts and interested individuals have pointed fingers at those involved in SIM-swapping, the hacking of ‘OG’ Twitter accounts, and foreign states. None of these theories have been officially confirmed by Twitter or the FBI. Nonetheless, everyone involved in the cybersecurity and tech world will be waiting to find out more key information on the massive hack and figure out how a tech giant became so vulnerable.

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