Cloud Security Measures 

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could security measures
June 2, 2020

Cloud Security Measures 

Many individuals, small- and medium-sized business, and larger organizations have shifted to cloud-based data storage, software, and servers. Cloud computing has grown exponentially and so have misconceptions about the security of cloud services. Simply shifting to cloud service providers does not ensure security. In fact, there are cloud security measures that customers and IT departments must be aware of and act on, in order to ensure that cloud services are used safely and properly. While there are a variety of cloud security measures and cybersecurity controls to be considered, this article will provide a brief overview of just some of the cloud security measures you should know.

Always Backup Data

Ensure that your data is not only being stored in the cloud. Backups of your data should be taken regularly. If the cloud system has any issues or faces threats, you want to ensure that you haven’t lost any of your data.

Centralized Visibility

tool for proactive securityMoving to cloud servers requires IT departments and those in charge of data security to consider centralized visibility. It is incredibly important to know of the server’s vulnerabilities, risks, or signs of a cyber threat. Visibility provides access to configurations in the server and various security tools.

Access to the Cloud

You should always be aware of who has access to certain resources or tools within the cloud server. Take advantage of any security measures in place that allow you to safeguard and monitor who has access to what. For example, use the available authentication methods to ensure only approved users are attempting to access a specific cloud server tool.

Encrypt the Data

Let’s say the above security measures fail and a dangerous party has your data. The data is much harder, to almost impossible, to use if it has been encrypted and you hold the key.

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