Outcomes-Based Security

The only thing worse than paying for security by the hour is not knowing what that hour gets you.

A New Paradigm for Delivering Security Services

There’s a better way to deliver cybersecurity services, but it requires seeing things from the customer’s perspective. When a business pays for any service, what is it really paying for? Outcomes. Results. Benefits. Preferably measurable.

What are the outcomes?

Outcomes are usually a combination of two things: results and deliverables. Results are what you’re paying for in the short term. The deliverables, typically documents of some sort, enable you to codify the processes that produce those results so you can continue the get those results well into the future. Security is not a onetime event, but a process of continuous improvement. Outcomes also come with deadlines. Whether it’s four hours to respond to a security incident or 12 months to achieve a compliance from scratch, you should know what you’re getting, and whet you’re getting it. 




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